Isaiah Rider Dishes on Documentary, His Past, Present and Future Before Hanging Up Phone on Radio Host

March 1, 2012 – 9:30 am by Michael Bean

Title should tell you plenty. Read/listen on.

Rider joined 750 The Game in Portland to talk about his upcoming documentary, how the film is an unedited and inside look at his life story, memories from his playing days, whether he still has the championship ring that he won with the Lakers, playing for Coach Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV, making the transition from NBA player to someone who’s no longer in the spotlight, if he thinks he can still play, and why he was done answering questions that he thought were negative in nature before hanging up on the host.

On the documentary about himself that he has coming out:

“Well, go to  to check out the trailer to it. It’s basically my life, it’s called Isaiah Rider: My Testimony, Raw and Uncut. It tells you a little bit about my life story, what’s going on before during and after, and where I’m at right now. It’s just a life journey to where I’m at right now. You’ve got to check out the trailer, it will breach you on it.”

On what his favorite memory from his playing days is:

“My best team, obviously, I believe was with the Blazers when I was there. I look back at it as it went fast. But it was fun, we had some good players, I did well during my tenure during the league. So I look back at it overall as it was a good experience for sure.”

Whether the documentary is an edited version of his personal story:

“Nah, it’s raw and uncut just like it sounds. So no stone unturned. Owning up, owning up to the things I need to own up, and cleaning the slate a little bit on some misconceptions. But talking about it all, hitting on it all on all cylinders, the good, the bad, the ugly, the good times and the bad times, the times I messed up, the stuff I did well — it’s my life story from A to Z, even after I played. So I talked about a lot. I talked about my mom a lot. A lot of people don’t know she was in a coma in 2004 and 2008. Real life things, the journey that I had to go, the tough things I went through, the decisions we all have to make. But it’s like a each one, teach one, so it will be good for the youth, good for young student athletes to look at, as well as young guys in the league. So it tells a pretty good story in the trailer; it breaches you pretty well about how real a story it’s going to be. It’s a tell all.”

If he still has his championship ring that he won with the Lakers in 2004:

“Was I happy with the Lakers championship?

But do you still have the ring?

“I was happy with the Lakers situation. I could have gone to Miami that year, but I chose not to. Of course, winning it is cool. It’s all good. I went from the Blazers and having battles with the Lakers to going to the Lakers and winning one. So it was cool.”

The ring?

“I’m waking up a little bit. What about it? You want to see it. C’mon man. That’s pretty bulky.”

Whether he still plays basketball at all:

“Yeah, I do. Quite often.”

On what he remembers about playing for Coach Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV:

“Tark was the best coach ever honestly. That was my funnest coach, my best coach, my best time. Looking back, I learned the most from his system. So that was my funnest coach and the best time I’ve ever had in my adult life. So I’ve got big love for the UNLV coaching staff and the organization and the program that they have. It was big-time when I was up there.”

On the trouble with the law he found himself in while in Portland and after his playing career:

“I talk about everything. Portland was just three years out of my life. It talks about the years I was in the league, college, high school, adolescence and even adult life. Portland’s there. So I mention everything, even the bad times. But overall it’s a good story. A lot of people will be able to take from it — people that are either Rider fans or a fan of life in general and the things that can happen — the ups and downs — so people will appreciate it.”

On how difficult it is to make the transition from NBA player to someone no longer in the spotlight:

“Well my mom was in a coma in 2004, so basketball was far from my mind. I wish I had things back — I talk about that in the documentary — but I wish I would have looked at things in a different way, handled things differently. But my mom was in a coma so I was more concerned about her and when she was coming back and if she was coming back from the coma. She was brain dead at the time and she was on life support for four years, so that’s what I was going through at the time when I wasn’t playing.”

Whether he’s okay financially for life:

“Well you know what, I’m 40 years old, I’ll be 41 soon. I haven’t played in the League in awhile. It’s just chilling with my family. This documentary, it;s just my life, my story. Instead of the media telling it one way, or you go on the internet and see it a certain way, you’re seeing it from my perspective. I’m not glorifying nothing but God, and talking about everything that needs to be talked about, the good and the bad. So I’m in a good state right now. Whether it’s playing overseas, or whether it’s just putting out this documentary and taking care of my family and my kids, that’s really all that I do. Hopefully I can get into coaching, and I still keep in touch with a few guys in the league. So we’ll see what happens. But that’s pretty much where I’m at.”

What’s not right about his story as other people tell it:

“I don’t even think the story is out there. I’m talking about an hour long in story form. That’s really all I’m talking about. I’m not really talking about a story per se, but if a guy wants to hear about me in an interview or a paragraph, well, you’re going to hear it from the horse’s mouth in all aspects. That’s all I’m talking about. I’m not really worried about any of the stories.”

On what was going on with the pop can incident when he got busted with marijuana:

“I don’t know what they’re talking about. All I know is they can talk about that we were winning. It was cool man. I can see where you’ve tried to go a few times with this interview, and I was cool enough to hang in there. But I’m going to end this interview. Whenever you want to talk about some positive stuff about my teammates, the team, whatever. You just let me know, my number’s still the same.”

Listen here to Rider with John Canzano on 750 The Game in Portland

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