Prince Fielder Believes Miguel Cabrera will be ‘Fine’ at Third Base, Won’t Comment on Relationship with his Father, Cecil Fielder

March 5, 2012 – 5:45 am by Steven Cuce

It looked as though the free agent market was drying up in late January for Prince Fielder, the only elite player on the open market at the time. As fate would have it Detroit Tigers’ DH, Victor Martinez, went down after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee during off-season training. Fielder shocked the baseball world by signing a nine-year contract worth $214 million with the Tigers, a team that never showed an inclination to sign him during the free agency period.

The Tigers new free agent will slide into the first basemen/designated hitter role as Miguel Cabrera moves over at third base to give the Tigers lineup a formidable power tandem. Fielder has already reportedly hit a 611 foot home run in batting practice this week. It’s all smiles in the Motor City right now with the expectation that the Tigers will expect nothing less than a World Series crown this season.

Prince Fielder joined WXYT in Detroit with The Stoney and Bill Show to discuss his relationship with Miguel Cabrera and Brandon Inge, the idea of the Detroit Tigers having any flaws on the team this season, Miguel Cabrera playing third base, being rotated into the lineup as a designated hitter this season, and his relationship with his father at this point.

How are you and Miguel Cabrera getting along?

“Oh yeah. Miggy’s been cool, when I got here he was the fist one to greet me, make me feel comfortable, then the other guys came around. Me and Miggy are awesome. My youngest son is like his shadow whenever he comes here. Me and Miggy are cool.”

How are you getting along with Brandon Inge?

“Good. Good. Inge is cool, too. I’ve been getting along with everybody. It seems pretty normal. Every day I come here it doesn’t seem new anymore it’s just…I am comfortable here and having a good time.”

Is there anything that worries you about the Detroit Tigers? There are a lot of expectations to win the AL Central and the World Series this season:

“No. Nothing worries me. If we are healthy I think there’s no worries. All we gotta do is go out there and play. The main thing is being healthy. If I did have a worry? I think that is the only worry you really have is when you have a talent like we have on our team, so I think if we are healthy we’ll be alright.”

How is Miguel Cabrera doing at third base? How is he holding up there?

“He is doing good. Honestly I don’t understand why it’s like such a worry. He did start out at third I think? I don’t know why…I don’t know. I feel like he is going to be fine. It seems like people are always asking me that. He looks good to me.”

What do you think about getting rotated in at DH?

“Yeah as long as I am not on the bench. I’m in the game and it could give you a little rest on your legs. I am not against it at all.”

Would you like to make a statement on your relationship with your dad just to clear it up now, so we don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the year?

“Clear it up on your radio show? I’m good. I’m good.”

Listen to Prince Fielder on WXYT in Detroit here

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