Gary Brackett on Peyton Manning being cut from Colts: “It’s a sad day for Indianapolis. I don’t think he can ever be replaced.”

March 8, 2012 – 8:00 am by Steven Cuce

The inevitable has finally occurred in the 14-year marriage between Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. The legendary signal caller was cut by the only team he’s ever known yesterday proving the notion that nothing last forever, especially in professional sports.

While it’s hard to imagine or even swallow the fact that No.18 won’t be suiting up in blue and white with a horseshoe on his helmet, this is the reality of the salary cap era of football. It’s a business first as Jim Irsay just couldn’t afford the cap hit to pay one of the best quarterbacks of all-time with a troubling neck injury and a number one draft pick on the way this April.

It’s very rare to see a player and owner part ways in a live press conference, especially with the player not retiring, but this was the case for Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay. Gary Brackett is sad to see his teammate on the way out and knows the Colts must rally behind their new leader under center.

Gary Brackett joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis with Dan Dakich to discuss his reaction to Peyton Manning being cut from the Indianapolis Colts, rallying behind the next quarterback of the Colts, his current contract with the Colts and his fondest memory of playing with Peyton Manning.

What is your reaction on Peyton no longer being a Colt?

“Obviously it’s a sad day for Indianapolis man. We know what he meant to the city, to the team, really to football and to the NFL. I don’t think he can ever be replaced. We are talking about one of the greatest of all-time. A consummate pro. Even today? How many guys are at a press conference with an owner when they are parting ways. He does things the right way at all times. Very demanding guy, but you know what I’m saying he got a lot of results man, so I got a lot of respect for him and I’m sure there will be some type of get together where we can all reminisce about the good times man and send him off properly.”

More reaction to Peyton no longer being a Colt:

“But like I said he is a professional. He does it the right way. He said it best with the circumstances really dictating what’s happened. Mr.Irsay would have loved to have kept Peyton. Peyton would have loved Indianapolis, but he had a salary cap that is what it is. There’s no way of massaging that and having the number one pick you are on the hook for so much money and a quarterback and having all that money tied up to the quarterback. I think a lot went into this decision, but I think they both have a great deal of respect for one another, which they should. They had a heck of a ride and I think they both wish each other best in the future. I think I can respect that decision as a captain and leader of this team, whoever that quarterback is next year we got rally behind him. On the defensive side of the ball we gotta get it done. We gotta dictate the pace and make sure we help our offense and all together pull favors. We gotta get this thing back on a positive message.”

Where do you stand with the Colts right now?

“I am under contract for the next three years. Obviously I came off an injury last year. As we saw today in this business anything can happen. Right now I am just getting healthy man. I’m on the side of the new coaches, so I’m glad to get started here, however if anything were to happen then I will be ready to go somewhere else, so that’s where I am at right now and ready to get started.”

Give me a memory of what you will remember with Peyton Manning?

“Man I think for me Coach Dungy started this…they had these drills where at the time Coach Caldwell was Peyton’s position coach and they’d do a drill where you drop back five yards, defenders come and scramble out left, throw it across your body and for 20 yards in the end zone and make a play. He did it in practice. It showed the practice version and then he showed the game version. This particular game it was a 4th quarter. We had to have this play. Maybe it was in Houston to win. Remember? Maybe it was 2009 , we had the comeback in Houston and it was Reggie Wayne in the back of the end zone with the same throw that he had. Every week we practiced that deep drill forever and it was the same way he made it in the game. That’s just time and time again. A man who practiced at full speed ahead and really demanding and got results and the same way on the practice it was like that in the game. That really attributed to a lot of his success.”

Listen to Dan Dakich on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis here

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