Jamie Moyer: “I have a good chance just like anybody else in this camp has a really good chance of making this team.”

March 8, 2012 – 9:30 am by Steven Cuce

As we noted here at SRI back in July, Jamie Moyer has quite a bit of courage to give it one more try at making an MLB roster. The left hander turned 49 in November and didn’t pitch last season because he had Tommy John surgery on his throwing elbow.

Moyer has logged over 600 plus starts and 4,000 innings over the span of 24-seasons before entering spring training with the Colorado Rockies. Moyer agreed to a minor league contract in January and understands it could be a long shot to make the Rockies roster.

Jamie Moyer joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss bounties being non-existent in baseball, the last time he hit a batter on purpose, the minimum velocity a pitcher needs to have in order to compete in the MLB, competing in MLB at the age of 49 and his chances of making the Colorado Rockies roster this spring.

Do you have bounties in baseball?

“No there is nothing in baseball as far as a bounty goes. Hits are very taboo in the game, but you play so many games. You play and compete with so many people and in today’s game players move so much in the game that if you were to have a bounty at some point in time you’d be playing as a teammate with that guy you may have had the bounty for, so you gotta be careful what you wish for.”

When was the last time you hit a guy on purpose?

“Wow I don’t even know. Maybe in the minor leagues. [Dan Patrick: Never in the major leagues?] I can’t recall hitting…again with my velocity? Hitting somebody? They would kind of pick it up and say: ‘Hey you dropped something?’ They would give the ball back to me.”

How fast do you need to pitch to be able to be competitive?

“To me it’s not necessarily the velocity it’s the change of speed and getting results, so of course if you look at the game today it’s all based on velocity and that’s where the game has gone, but if you get results I don’t think velocity matters. The ball goes just as far when a hitters squares it up at 95 [mph] as it does at 80 or 81 [mph].”

At age 49 why would you stop if you could still compete?

“I agree. I still believe I can compete. I look back again to 2010 the last time I pitched and I had a pretty decent first half until certainly after the second half started my elbow started to bother me and I ended up having elbow problems and the rest of the season was a quagmire for me.”

What are your chances of making the roster with the Rockies?

“I think I have a good chance just like anybody else in this camp has a really good chance of making this team. It really depends on how I am going to fit in this organization, what they are looking for in this organization and I enjoy that competition.”

Listen to Jamie Moyer on the Dan Patrick Show here [Interview begins at the 30:30 mark of the podcast]

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