Kyle Orton: “I’m fine with knowing my role. I am going to be the best backup I can.”

March 29, 2012 – 9:15 am by Steven Cuce

For the Dallas Cowboys signing Kyle Orton was the absolute right move. Dallas solidified their backup quarterback position and surely upgraded from an aging Jon Kitna and an inexperienced Stephen McGee.

The Cowboys have had offensive line issues over the past few seasons and left Tony Romo running for his life. The need for a proven veteran backup quarterback was a must for this team and Orton knows his role. From the sound it Orton is just happy to start the season fresh and completely out of Denver without a quarterback controversy.

Kyle Orton joined ESPN Dallas with Ben & Skin to discuss his thought process behind signing a free agent deal with the Dallas Cowboys, not wanting to sign with a team where he had a chance of competing for a starting quarterback job, the learning experience he gained from playing in Denver last season, the strengths of the Dallas Cowboys and his primary role as a backup quarterback.

Why this situation? What was appealing to you about the Dallas Cowboys?

“Man everything was appealing to me to be honest with you. Going back to when I asked to get away from Denver and getting claimed by Kansas City. Dallas put a claim in as well as Kansas City and Chicago, so right then I kind of had a big interest in the Cowboys. Just kind of going into free agency I just wanted to make sure some of the things I was looking for was a great locker room, a veteran lead locker room and you know a good team where we were going to be playing in a lot of big games and a coaching staff that fits with me and having worked with Wade Wilson in Chicago and kind of following Coach Garrett I feel comfortable with every situation and just real happy with the decision I made.”

You didn’t want to go somewhere where you had a chance of competing to be the starter?

“Well I’ve kind of been in that situation the last three or four years just going into camp and competing. To be honest with you I don’t think that situation has worked for me. I don’t think it’s worked out for the club. I think you need to know who your guy is going to be going right into the season and backing that guy. I don’t think that’s been the situation that I have been in and I really didn’t want to get into that situation again. I’m fine with knowing my role as the backup on this team. I am going to be the best backup I can and support Tony [Romo] any way that I can.”

What do you think you learned from what happened in Denver last season with Tim Tebow and the insanity of it all?

“It was kind of like that. I think there was so much made of it, but I played a certain amount my rookie year in Chicago, but that’s about as crazy as it can be. You learn something every year you are in the league and man there is so much stuff that happens off the field, but the more you concentrate on the things that happen on the field the better you are.”

What do you think are the strengths of this team?

“It’s hard for me to say. I’m watching as much film as I can right now, but to be honest with you I haven’t played a regular season game against the Cowboys and just kind of watched them from afar. Now obviously the skill positions players are unique players. They are your special players. Anytime you have a Miles Austin and Jason Witten and a Dez Bryant. All of these guys…there are so many guys to get the football to and the guys in the back field, so offensively speaking it’s exciting to be on a team with so much weapons and some of the guys that can do great things with the ball.”

When you are the number two quarterback what is your primary goal?

“Just be a great teammate, be a great guy in the locker room, come out to practice every day and work your butt off every day and just be as prepared as you can in case you get that chance to step on the field.”

Listen to Kyle Orton on 103.3 ESPN Dallas here

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  1. 7 Responses to “Kyle Orton: “I’m fine with knowing my role. I am going to be the best backup I can.””

  2. So far so good! I like what I’m hearing about his work ethics! He seems like a good guy who knows his role and overall just wants to help the team while being stoked to be the backup, nothing better than that IMO.

    Now on to the preseason so we can see how accurate his arm is, I haven’t watched him closely since we’ve never really played against him.

    Go COWBOYS!!

    By BoysFanDan on Mar 29, 2012

  3. I’ve followed Kyle since HS. You’re getting a starting QB who’s sick of the cr*p he went through in Chicago and Denver. It’s not all about how good you are, and he knows that. This is a huge bonus for Dallas – getting a starting QB who’s sick of all the political cr*p and just wants to be part of a WINNING team. Great move for both Kyle and Dallas at this point in Kyle’s career. Kyle KNOWS he’s a valid starting QB, but has nothing to prove, so there’s no pressure from him to replace Romo (you’ll see that he can easily do so if needed though).

    By Kevin on Mar 29, 2012

  4. It’s Orton’s way of cooling off…instead of jumping around teams, he wants to have a stable gig for a few seasons…guy just has a kid…he’s a family guy…

    By Jason on Mar 29, 2012

  5. sounds like Orton no longer desires to compete for a starting job. he’ll look great with a clipboard. was probably a back up quarterback from the word go. cowboys fans will be gritting their teeth during this year’s Romo injury.

    By bucket on Mar 30, 2012

  6. kyle has found himself a great football team owner to play for and im happy for him. I hope romo can stay in the game but if he cant? I expect jerry jones to give orton the starting job because all if not most of us by now know kyle can bark with the big dogs and win games providing the rest of the team both offense and defense wants to win too.

    By neckbeardarmy 18 on Mar 30, 2012

  7. kyle orton has been to some play-oo games and won them and even played in a superbowl. lets not kid ourselves Orton is the up=grade to Romo who has only played in one game and was undrafed while Kyle was a first round draft pick. Cambell on the bears is an up-grade to Cuttler.

    By orlando mcdowell on Aug 9, 2012

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