DeMarcus Ware Believes the Cowboys Must Add Safety in the NFL Draft. Could he be hoping for Mark Barron?

April 25, 2012 – 5:30 am by Steven Cuce

DeMarcus Ware had 19.5 sacks for the Dallas Cowboys last season. This was the sixth season in his seven year career where he recorded double digit sack totals. That about tells the story for the Cowboys dynamic pass rusher. He is the heart and soul of the Dallas defense and the man who opposing offenses look to contain when they game plan each week.

Ware wants to see his team on the big stage and realizes they simply haven’t gotten it done. It’s no secret that the Dallas defense has major holes to fill after another December collapse, and the biggest area of need is in the secondary. No.94 agrees that the Boys need to address some secondary spots in the upcoming NFL draft that starts on Thursday night in New York City.

DeMarcus Ware joined Fox Sports Radio with The Playa’s Lounge to discuss his focus in the off-season, team camaraderie helping the Cowboys get back to the postseason, his thoughts on Terrell Owens claiming he lost respect for Tony Romo, Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, and the position group the Cowboys should address in the draft.

What do you focus on in the off-season? How do you get better?

“I think you always gotta think about what ‘team’ really stands for and that is getting to the big show and that’s one thing I hadn’t accomplished. I mean accomplishment are for later, so you gotta just keep playing and do what you can do to help the team out, but at the end of the day you always want that ring.”

Tell me what it is going to take to get a playoff win? Is Tony Romo the guy?

“I think with the lockout last year a lot of the coaches changed that we had last year and now with this off-season that we got is really going to help us out from the workouts all the way up to February just having the team and players just come in. We didn’t tell nobody to come. Everybody was coming in and getting done what they needed to get done and building that team camaraderie. I think that’s what gets you to the end. You figure out how to get to the show and then after that the team camaraderie from the off-season really pushes you through, so I think that’s what is going to help us.”

What is your opinion on Terrell Owens after his comments regarding Tony Romo? What would you say to him?

“I have played with Terrell and he is one of the greatest players I have ever seen play in this game. He works hard, so I mean I really wouldn’t say anything to him. Guys are going to say what they want to say to him, but from what I have seen from him off the field and on the field he was a great guy. He’s from Alabama. I know how that is and gotta represent. He’s a great player.”

What did you think of the suspensions put on Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints? Have you ever heard a pre-game speech like that before?

“When I sit back and think about it I mean I don’t remember any speeches I have ever gotten like that since I played football, but then some coaches you get into it and some players they feed into it. You just gotta take it with a grain of salt and get out there and play. Don’t nobody get out there try to hurt anybody and try to take somebody out of the game. I know that from any other player. I know they were not trying to do that, but it’s just part of the game. It’s a brutal game. You are a gladiator out there. You do what you gotta do.”

What position group do the Cowboys need to address to make the defense more dynamic? Who do you think the Cowboys should draft?

“We lost Abe Elam and we just got back Anthony Spencer, so we are solid up front. In the back we just lost Abe Elam, which is a guy we needed, so we gotta fill that spot.”

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