Frank Vogel on Pacers First Round Series Win: “We got a dream big mentality. We are looking forward to the next series.”

May 10, 2012 – 8:30 am by Steven Cuce

The Indiana Pacers disposed of the Dwight Howard-less Orlando Magic in five games in the opening round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. This was a big step in the right direction for the Pacers as the organization has regained some long awaited confidence after winning a playoff series.

Frank Vogel has done quite the job with this Pacers team. Indiana plays fundamental basketball by rebounding and playing great defense. The Pacers now know their fate as they will be taking on the Miami Heat. The young, deep team will face an enormous test in their Round 2 matchup with the Heat.

Frank Vogel joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis with Dan Dakich to discuss the Indiana Pacers not being satisfied with winning just one playoff series, the Pacers organization building off a first round series win, the progression of Danny Granger, his closing thoughts on the Orlando Magic and the state of Indiana falling in love with this Pacers basketball team.

The organization has been saying they are not satisfied. How did you get the team to buy into that?

“Yeah we got a great deal of belief in this basketball team with the way it was put together. Everybody in that locker room looks around the room and sees all the talent that we have and it’s across the board at all positions. We don’t have a lot of holes and we got a dream big mentality and we are shooting for the moon, so we are looking forward to the next series.”

How big do you think a series win is for the Pacers organization?

“It’s huge. First and foremost it’s the next step. We are a young team that is growing. We are young coached myself included is young in terms of experience. It’s just important when you are building towards a championship to make sure you are moving in a right direction and to get into the playoffs last year and compete the way we did. I think it was important for us to come in this year and put ourselves in position to advance out of the first round and then obviously to advance out of the first round like we’ve done and hopefully we are not done there.”

Would you speak to the play of Danny Granger please?

“He has been terrific. He really has bought into the team approach. He’s not a volume shooter anymore. He tries to make the right plays. Every time he has the basketball he recognizes the responsibility that comes with having the ball in his hands. He recognizes that good defense just allows for better passing and he’s really sharing the basketball and is a big part of what we are doing offensively and defensively he’s as good as there is in the NBA in terms of guarding small forwards and when he dials in and puts his mind to it he can shut down anybody in the league and he just contributes to what we have. One of our greatest strengths on our team like I just alluded to we don’t have any holes. We have guys that can guard their own position at every position and that’s a powerful weapon to have defensively.”

What were your thoughts on the Orlando Magic?

“They are a really good team. Somebody mentioned to me a couple of days ago that even with Dwight Howard out their payroll is still higher than our payroll, so we understood obviously they are a different team with Dwight Howard in there, but they got a great coach, a great system, a system that has made it to the finals and really is a unique style of play to guard and we’re happy to get out of there with a W.”

The fans of Indiana enjoy this basketball team right?

“They should enjoy enjoy this team. We got an old school basketball team. We play a fundamental way, a fundamental style of play, playing through the post, defending, rebounding. All the things the purists of basketball love to see. We got higher character guys and great personalities. They are very likable and I love coaching this team. I am having more fun with this team than I ever had in basketball just being around these guys. They are a lot of fun. They carry themselves the right way and we are having a blast. I am looking forward to what the next series is going to look like.”

Listen to Frank Vogel on 1070 The fan in Indianapolis here

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