Adam Jones on Managing his Newfound Riches and the Orioles’ Hot Start to 2012

May 31, 2012 – 7:00 am by Brad Gagnon

Life is good for Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. His team’s in first place, he’s been hot at the plate, and on Sunday it was announced that Jones had signed a six-year, $85.5 million contract extension with Baltimore.

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones joined Joey Vendetta on The Fan 590 in Toronto to discuss the team’s strong play in the first two months of the season, the surprisingly solid showing from the Orioles’ pitching staff, the bullpen’s role in the team’s success, and how he plans on avoiding squandering all of his new-found money. (And unfortunately for both parties, it looks as though Vendetta might have jinxed Jones’ hitting streak.)

On the host mentioning his 20-game hitting streak, which would be snapped hours after Wednesday’s interview:

“I think you just jinxed me. I hope not. Not supposed to talk about that kind of stuff. … It’s OK.”

On how the Orioles have exceeded expectations thus far:

“It starts with the starting pitching, and the five guys that have been taking the ball for us have been going out there and getting ahead, starting with strike one, allowing our team to put up runs, giving us a chance as an offense. Offenses sometimes struggle and we’ve been through a little struggle at some points this year, but our (pitching) has allowed us to win those close games, to give us an opportunity to make an impact, to strike later in the game. And our bullpen has stopped everybody up to this point. And it’s good to have good pitching. It’s weird. I know our ERA is down, our walks are down as a starter, and they’re using the defense to allow the hitters to put the ball in play.”

On the team’s strong bullpen:

“We feel is that we need our starter to just give us six. If we got the lead after six, the seventh inning you have (Luis) Ayala the specialist, you’ve got (Troy) Patton the specialist, you’ve got (Darren) O’Day the specialist and then (Matt) Lindstrom. And then in the eighth, you’ve got (Pedro) Strop — I don’t wanna face him — and then you’ve got (Jim) Johnson. So the back end of our bullpen is strong. But we’ve gotta get ’em there. And we’ve been doing that pretty well so far.”

On the large percentage of athletes who lose their money soon after their careers end:

“Well I for sure as hell don’t wanna be one of them statistics, I can tell you that. To me I think that’s personal. I have a great financial adviser who says no to me. He’s told me no. I tell him I wanted this car three years ago, he said, ‘Nope, no you can’t afford it yet. Nope. Nope.’ And then when I was able to, he allowed me to. And I’ve realized that I really don’t need that much stuff. I need a couple pair of jeans, a couple shirts, because I really don’t wanna wear anything if it was up to me — I’d just wear basketball shorts and flip flops and a t-shirt. But it’s all personal. I know people come out the woordworks. I know a lot of people have their friends and their entourages that they feel the need to take care of, but that’s all personal. I just wanna take care of myself, my family and win. That’s pretty much it. I’ve never really thought about the part after playing, but talking to a lot of guys such as Mark McLemore, Tony Gwynn, Griffey about it, it’s you know — you make a big check while you’re playing but as soon as you’re not playing that check is actually zero. It’s not even like a minimal check, it’s zero. So you just gotta learn how to manage your money.”

Listen to Adam Jones on The Fan 590 here

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