Nick Saban Endorses a Four-Team Playoff Including the Best Four Teams Available

June 7, 2012 – 6:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

The Southeastern Conference voiced its opinion on the changing landscape of the college football championship this past week and it appears they’ve got everyone within their ranks all on the same page. The SEC endorsed a four-team playoff system that includes the best four teams in the country regardless of whether those teams won their conference championship.

Alabama coach Nick Saban says the exact same thing in this following interview. It makes sense for them to say this, given the SEC’s position of power, especially recently. Saban also adds that he’s not opposed to a selection committee helping pick those four teams as long as that committee is not made up of “non-athletic people.”

Nick Saban joined WJOX in Birmingham with The RoundTable to discuss the growing LSU-Alabama rivalry, the new BCS arrangement, what he’d like to see done there, if he would like to see a selection committee and who that committee should include if one is developed.

Does the LSU-Alabama rivalry have the potential to reach Texas-Oklahoma level?:

“Well, to me, the LSU-Alabama game’s a helluva lot more important than Texas-Oklahoma, but that’s just me talking. I guess we’re all self-absorbed about that. But, I think there’s a lot of great rivalries in the country. Our Tennessee game, our Auburn game, the quality of the two programs in LSU and Alabama in the last few years have made that a big-time game of national interest. I think they’re all good; it’s all healthy. I can’t really make a comparison one to the other because I haven’t been involved in some of them.”

Do you think you’ll be satisfied with the new BCS arrangement regardless of what they come up with?:

“I think in a case like this, this is where the commissioner of the NFL, for example, or someone who is in a position of authority above all of the conference commissioners, because you can just see the way everybody wants it. It’s a self-absorbed approach to, how does this affect me? And all the conferences that maybe haven’t been in the game as much, want conference champions in there so it guarantees they’ll get someone in there. But I think the most important thing is what’s best for the game, what’s best for the fans and what’s best for the players?”

On what he’d like to see happen:

“What I hear from everybody and what I heard from everybody last year is, ‘We want to see the best four teams play.’ So why not come up with a system that’s going to get the best four teams in the game? It’s going to be arbitrary to some degree because there’s not parity in every conference in college football.”

Aren’t you in favor of a selection committee to determine those four teams?:

“I think that we should use a lot of the criteria that the BCS has established over the years because they’ve done a pretty good job of trying to improve that. If they want to add a selection committee to some of those criteria, I’m not opposed to that. I’m all for however the experts and the people who are in the position to make these decisions come up with the best possible way to get the best four teams in the game.”

How would you assemble that? Would it include ex-coaches or ex-players?:

“I think some kind of way it’s got to be some people who have some expertise relative to college football and evaluation of teams and players and that type of thing. I don’t think it should be non-athletic people trying to make a decision because then you’re going to get a lot of politics involved in it.”

Listen to Nick Saban on WJOX in Birmingham here

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