Marquis Teague Wouldn’t Mind Coming Off the Bench, Thinks Anthony Davis Will Be an NBA All-Star

June 19, 2012 – 5:30 am by Chris Fedor

For much of the college basketball season, Marquis Teague was looked at as the weak link for Kentucky. Even though he was the engine of the offense on a team loaded with McDonald’s All-Americans and potential NBA stars, he was thought to be too much of a chucker, too sloppy with the ball and didn’t make good enough decisions. During the regular season Teague showed his youth but once the NCAA Tournament rolled around, the younger brother of Atlanta’s point guard Jeff Teague took his game to the next level and ran John Calipari’s offense all the way to a National Title.

Now, as the NBA Draft quickly approaches, Teague has been overshadowed once again by many of his former teammates during this process, including Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones. More than likely Teague won’t hear his name called until the mid to late 20’s but he showed on college basketball’s biggest stage that he has the potential to one day run an NBA offense as long as he continues to develop his game.

Marquis Teague joined 102.3 the Ticket in Denver with Les and Jojo to talk about how he would feel about playing for the Nuggets, how tough his decision was to enter the NBA, whether he was able to enjoy his National Championship this offseason, how much he talked to his brother Jeff who plays for the Atlanta Hawks, about this process, what teams he has worked out for, elevating his game during the NCAA Tournament, what kind of pro he thinks Anthony Davis will be and whether he sees himself as a starter early in his NBA career.

How he would feel about playing for the Denver Nuggets:

“Yeah I think it would be good. I like to get the ball in transition and play fast. That’s a strong part in my game and feel like I can come in and help the team do that in transition a little more.”

How tough his decision was to enter the NBA:

“It was a hard decision but I did it because I feel like I’m ready. I did it on my own. If I wasn’t ready I would’ve went back to school. I feel like I developed enough, strong enough and I feel like I can play at that level.”

Whether he was able to enjoy the National Championship this off-season or if it was all business getting ready for the NBA Draft:

“It was fun when it happened but we had to move on. We had a lot of guys going to the NBA Draft so we’ve been working, getting ready for this process.”

How much he talked to his brother, Jeff, before making his decision to turn pro:

“I talk to my brother pretty much every day. Just trying to get feedback from him, just trying to see what he thinks and he thought I was ready. He felt like I did enough in college to play on that level.”

On the pressure he feels during this process:

“Both are a lot of pressure but this is kind of different because you don’t know. You’re in a recruiting process with no say in where you go so it’s a little different.”

On the teams he has worked out for already:

“I worked out for Portland, Cleveland, Golden State and the Denver Nuggets. That’s it.”

On elevating his game during the NCAA Tournament:

“I just wanted to show throughout the tournament that I could play when the pressure was on and the lights were on. I kind of stumbled throughout the year early and things like that but in the tournament I was comfortable and wanted to show that I could play. Won a National Championship.”

His thoughts on Anthony Davis as a pro:

I think he will be a great pro. He can do so many things. He can take you outside, knock down shots, he can handle the ball and he’s got good post moves. And he’s a great defender so I feel like he’s going to do a great job in the NBA and he’s going to be an All-Star.”

On the role he expects to play in the NBA:

“Early on I expect to come off the bench. There are a lot of great guards but over time if I keep developing and getting a lot better and learning the NBA game I feel like I will be a starter over time.”

Listen to Marquis Teague on 102.3 the Ticket in Denver

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