LeBron’s Biggest Hater Scott Raab on James Winning a Ring: “It Ain’t That Big A Deal”

June 25, 2012 – 10:00 am by Eric Schmoldt

Scott Raab is no LeBron James fan. When you pen a book and title it The Whore of Akron, that much seems true. Raab, a writer for Esquire as well, has videos of him dropping off a signed book that LeBron’s house and other acts of hilarity that you can see here.

It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall as Raab sat through LeBron winning his first championship ring last week. He says he didn’t put himself through the agony of watching the post-game celebration, but looked on as the Heat won and says “it ain’t that big a deal.”

Scott Raab joined 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland with the Talking Heads to discuss LeBron winning a ring, how he took it, the pressure it puts on Cleveland to win a championship, Cavs GM Chris Grant, if Raab would change his tune if LeBron came back to Cleveland and if the city will ever see another saga like this.

Are you over the fact that LeBron won a championship?:

“Isn’t that funny? Am I over anything? It’s amazing to me. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that our lives as Cleveland fans have prepared us for many moments like this. It ain’t that big a deal, frankly.”

How did you take it initially?:

“It’s not like I kept the TV on to watch the post-game celebrating — I’m not a masochist — but when I think back, and let’s not minimize how hard I rooted against the guy, but look this comes with the territory, especially with a Cleveland fan. … To see this guy, really this jerk, finally get it done, I give them, as a team, and certainly give him the credit any champion is due for climbing that mountain. It is not easy.”

Does this put more pressure on the Cavaliers organization to win a title?:

“Well I think the pressure on that franchise, in particular, is huge. And not particularly because King James now has a crown. It is, I think, certainly true that Dan Gilbert, as far as Cleveland is concerned, is one of the best owners in all of sports. Talk about getting over something, the fact that this guy used comic sans font to write what I thought was probably the greatest letter ever written by an owner … that’s their problem if they can’t get over that. But they’ve got to come up bigtime with this number four pick or if they trade with the Bobcats or whatever.”

Do you have more faith in Chris Grant as the GM than you did Danny Ferry?:

“I couldn’t have less faith in Chris Grant than I had in Danny Ferry, but a lot of that was based on my own residual feelings from the Ron Harper deal. … I do have some faith in Chris Grant if only because he got Kyrie for Mo. That was an amazing deal. You’d like to think, given the depth of this year’s draft, that it’s not going to be threading the needle to find someone who can step in and lift that team into serious playoff contention.”

If LeBron came back to Cleveland, would you change your tune?:

“Nah. When the Heat were at the Q in February I was there and had great seats and was surrounded by people: ‘Come back, Lebron!’ because he had just said that day, when someone stuck a mic in his face and asked him, that he could see that scenario play out. I could see that play out, too. Dan Gilbert’s a businessman and ultimately LeBron is no more than a brand name at this point in his career. It could happen. Am I going to change my tune? Very unlikely.”

Do you think this is the last time we’ll ever see something like this LeBron saga in Cleveland?:

“It always comes back around. It’s one of the beautiful things about sports and it’s one of the thing that binds us, generation to generation. … Just knowing the Cleveland fans that I’ve gotten to know, especially over the last two years, everything will come around. There might never be a hometown hero … that grows up in northeastern Ohio and becomes the best in the world. That was a beautiful fairy tale. That was the book I wanted to write.”

Listen to Scott Raab on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland here

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  1. 4 Responses to “LeBron’s Biggest Hater Scott Raab on James Winning a Ring: “It Ain’t That Big A Deal””

  2. This guy is such a looser using this towns misfortune to keep them in a state of hate while he makes money. Trust me he does not hate James if anything he loves him and thanks him for helping him feed his family.
    All who hate James for doing what he wants are nothing more than a bunch of looser who need to get a life. By the way you know if you wouldn’t have burnt those jerseys they would be worth a whole lot more than this idiots negative thought.


    By Edward on Jun 25, 2012

  3. This guy is a total loser and idiot and should be ashamed of himself to be honest. I am not from Cleveland but majority of my family is either from Cleveland or lives there and you ask any of them why they hate lebron, they can’t come up with a reason. They like to pretend that it’s because of the “decision” and embarrassing them but seriously that little one episode couldn’t bring that much hate. This is how this generation is..why wouldn’t the best basketball player in the world go out big. If this were Michael Jordan and he was about to get traded, in this day and age he would have been televised as the big decision also. The money went to something good..ok yeah they parading in the arena and celebrated and mentioned possibly winning multiple titles, but without that said, these idiots act like lebron himself orchestrated the whole heat pep rally…he just attended like he was suppose to..I personally think even if there was no”decision” Cleveland fan would still be burning his jersey and spewing hate because he was the greatest thing that happened in that place. It showed what kind of fans they were and let’s not get on that idiot that they call an owner..writing a psychotic letter like that to a player that put the whole franchise on his back, carried the worse NBA team all the way to the best record and all the way to the championship..what a great business man..I’m sure there are lots of players that would love to play with that franchise knowing that if they were any good and decided to hit the road to a new team they would get blasted by the owner and halfway lynched by the so called fans. For that idiot to actually say that clevealnd would get a championship before lebron proves that he should be in the looney house for the rest of his life because he has to be insane for even opening his mouth to say that. Lebron never deserved the hate..I could see if he did this plus he was just an idiot on the court, body slamming his opponents and elbowing them, playing dirty, or fighting fans in the crowd, getting arrested, beating on his girlfriend, raping women. We are talking about a kid that has a great personality , the most giving aa far as voluteer and donating, the most unselfish player in NBA and those people act like he committed a crime..sheesh, the guy only wanted to win a championship..is it his fault that the franchise would rather give him the biggest contract in the NBA rather than getting him legit people..he said from jump it wasn’t about money..not to be harsh but Cleveland got what they deserved

    By MLD on Jun 25, 2012

  4. Wonderful “MLD”. The biggest loser is Cleveland team owner. He has no idea of how to build a championship team. He wasted 7 yrs of James career. If Cleveland fans want to hate someone they should do it their owner not James. Championship is not going to come because of one person. Even MJ had Pipen. All I see is Bunch of Losers crying to hide their incompetency in setting up true Champ team!!

    By SK on Jun 25, 2012

  5. At some point you have to go back to your lives……

    By Eric on Jun 26, 2012

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