Aaron Maybin Downplays Jets Training Camp Fight, Claims Team Isn’t Paying Attention To Boomer Esiason’s Comments On Tim Tebow

August 7, 2012 – 6:45 am by Steven Cuce

At this point it appears that Aaron Maybin has been the biggest bright spot at Jets training camp. After being dubbed quite possibly the worst player in the NFL in 2010, Maybin finished with 6 sacks last season.

The 11th pick in the 2009 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills has seemed to have resurrected his career after New York gave him a second chance. Maybin could be a vital weapon on the Jets defense this season.

Aaron Maybin joined ESPN New York with The Michael Kay Show to discuss his impressive performance in training camp so far, not looking to prove his critics wrong, the Jets defense having a training camp fight with the offense, and Boomer Esiason’s comments on Tim Tebow.

Are you doing as well as everyone is saying you are at training camp so far? Do you feel like you are having a really good camp?

“I mean I hope so. [Laughs] At the end of the day man I am just out here working hard. I am taking every day as an opportunity to get better and just trying to stack positive days on top of each other. So far it feels like everything is going well.”

Are you looking at your time with the Jets as the time to prove the critics that they were wrong about you in Buffalo?

“I have never been one to get to get too much into to try to people wrong and all that kind of stuff. At the end of the day I have always been a guy who tries to let his play speak for itself. Now I am finally in a position where I feel like I can do that. I am in a position where having the opportunity to help them win football games. At the end of the day that is the most you can ask for.”

Where were you during this training camp fight and what did you see?

“[Laughs] Hey I was right in the middle of it. There’s not really too many of those altercations that I am not going to be right in the middle of. That is just something that happens during camp. Guys get tired of hitting the same color jersey. Eventually emotions kind of get the best of you every once in awhile, but as long as you keep it all in good fun and you are able to move on and continue to get better on both sides of the football it’s all well and good.”

What do you say when you hear Boomer Esiason’s comments on Tim Tebow? He said the Jets should just release Tim Tebow because he’s not helping Mark Sanchez at all and he’s not helping the team?

“Honestly that is the first time I am hearing about that is you telling it to me. The only voice we are really paying attention to are the one’s that are in this locker room right now. That’s pretty much all I have to say about it I guess.”

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