Erik Spoelstra Says We Don’t Know How High the Ceiling is For LeBron James: “He’s Got a Different Look in His Eye”

August 14, 2012 – 7:00 am by Brad Gagnon

LeBron James is having one hell of a summer. The newly crowned NBA champion is also now a repeat gold medalist after he led the United States men’s basketball team to gold at the Olympics in London. And as a result, James — already the greatest player in the game — seems to be gaining confidence.

His NBA coach thinks that means James will keep getting better and better, and he’s not even sure where the ceiling is on the 27-year-old.

Erik Spoelstra joined Jason Jackson on 790 The Ticket in Miami to discuss James’ gold-medal performance in London, and that new look in his eye with all the recent winning on his resume.

On LeBron James winning Olympic Gold:

“Isn’t it amazing the difference of what one year can do? Because now, all the qualities that we knew about him, that he embodied, that he’s a winner, that his work ethic as a team guy, a pass-first guy — he’s a brilliant basketball player and he does all the things that you’d want a star player to do. Well now, finally, people are looking at him in a different lens. And the correct lens that he’s a winner, and he’s won at every level, but it took him some time and the right team to get over the hump. And it was incredibly gratifying, I know, for him to do it in an NBA season, but then to turn around six weeks later and have an opportunity to win the gold. It’s not a coincidence — he is a winner. He is a brilliant basketball player. When he’s on teams with that type of talent, he does things that are necessary to help you win. And he was tremendous, particularly going down the stretch of the important games.”

On the sky being the limit for LeBron:

“We don’t even know what the ceiling is for him, because we all see an incredible amount of confidence now. He’s got a different look in his eye. You know at the end of these games he’s making big plays. He’s 27 years old, just heading into his prime. But he’s already been light years ahead of his prime in terms of where he was intellectually. … We are all extremely fortunate to have him on our side and that he’s not the enemy.”

Listen to Erik Spoelstra on 790 The Ticket here (starts at 1:16:00 mark)

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