Philip Rivers Claims Brandon Carr Didn’t “Bait” Him into Interception: “It Was a Horrible Throw”

August 22, 2012 – 10:26 am by Brad Gagnon

Philip Rivers is coming off an interception-filled season, and his Chargers will have their work cut out for them in the strong AFC West in 2012. Rivers is preparing for a bounce-back year by spending quite some time with the Dallas Cowboys, who San Diego played Saturday night and then scrimmaged with Monday and Tuesday.

Philip Rivers joined Darren Smith on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss the scrimmages with Dallas and to address whether he was “baited” into throwing an interception Saturday against Dallas.

On scrimmaging with the Cowboys twice this week:

“It’s good. It’s really great work. Because you’re going against guys you’re not used to going against, against schemes that you’re not exactly used to seeing. So some of the route combinations and the plays come up differently than obviously they come up against our guys over and over in training camp. It gives us a chance to give different looks and different things. … It’s almost like — in a lot of ways, not all the ways — almost like getting another preseason game.”

On the surprise element that goes with scrimmaging with another team:

“It’s a little bit of an unknown. That’s why every rep’s more of a game-type rep. There’s only so many times you can hear (Takeo) Spikes and (Eric) Weddle and all these guys call out a defense and call out a front and call out a code word before you kind of start to know what they’re gonna do. And same with them seeing all our route combinations.”

On Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr claiming that he “baited” him into throwing an interception to him Saturday night:

“No, he made a really good play and he’s a really good corner, but it was a horrible throw. It was horribly underthrown. If I throw that a little earlier and a little further then it’s a 60-yard touchdown. … If I throw the ball that I need to throw, then it’s a completion. … I don’t fault him at all for saying that, because when we throw a touchdown we obviously think it’s a good play but they obviously think, “Ah, we let them do that.’ That’s how it works in this league. … I’ve been baited into some — that wasn’t one of them.”

Listen to Philip Rivers on XX Sports Radio here

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