Demaryius Thomas Comes Up With Another Big Touchdown Against The Steelers, But This Time Making History For Peyton Manning

September 13, 2012 – 6:30 am by Steven Cuce

Demaryius Thomas sure has become a clutch playmaker for the Broncos over the past year. It’s been only eight months since No.88 scored the longest overtime touchdown in NFL playoff history (80-yards) against the Steelers. This past Sunday Thomas struck again by catching Peyton Manning’s 400th touchdown pass. The catch-and-run amounted for 71-yards. Thomas admits that having his first full training camp has made all the difference.

Demaryius Thomas joined 102.3 The Ticket in Denver with CJ and Kreckman to discuss his game-winning touchdown catch in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers last year in the playoffs, Peyton Manning keeping his 400th touchdown pass, halftime adjustments leading to his 71-yard touchdown touchdown on Sunday, transitioning to an NFL offense out of college and improving his receiving skills based on what Peyton Manning has taught him.

Which play was better: The catch-and-run touchdown in overtime to beat the Steelers last year in the playoffs or the catch-and-run touchdown last week from Peyton Manning?

“That’s tough. I’m going to have to go with the overtime play. [Host: Why? Because it meant more?] End of the game. First play of overtime. First time going to the playoffs in the NFL. I think I am going to have to go with that one. Also you gotta go up against catching Peyton Manning’s 400th touchdown pass, so it’s tough, but I think I am going to go with the end of the game one.”

Do you get any chance of keeping that ball from Sunday or does it go directly to Peyton Manning?

“Peyton has got it. [Laughs]”

Explain what happened on that 71-yard touchdown?

“Basically we went in at halftime. The offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Peyton had saw some things. We go to trips and we saw how they was blitzing and they called up a great play and we called it in the huddle and executed it the way we wanted to execute it. That was basically it after that.”

Talk about transitioning to an NFL offense out of college because we believe you are a budding superstar?

“It was difficult because in college I started in the pro style and right after that I played two years in the triple option and it was a running offense. Probably did a couple of routes. That was basically about it, not a lot of big plays. The transition from college to the NFL was a big, big difference because then I had to do more off running routes. I had two injuries which held me back and it was tough after that also. Being able to be healthy this offseason, the OTAs, mini-camp and to be able to get with Peyton and learn a new offense…it was a big help.”

Tell us about playing with Peyton Manning? How has this changed your life on Sundays?

“[Laughs] It changed a lot because first off got a great quarterback. You got a great offensive coordinator. Everything about the Broncos is good and to get the opportunity to be able to play for the Broncos and play with Peyton Manning is big because I feel like I learned a lot just playing with Peyton and just seeing the things that he see. I feel like he teaches it to everyone on the field and he wants everybody to know it and know what he is looking at on the field and to be able to know what is going on…that really helped my game out.”

Listen to Demaryius Thomas on 102.3 The Ticket in Denver here

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