Stevie Johnson: C.J. Spiller Made Blowout Win Over Kansas City Chiefs ‘Easy’

September 18, 2012 – 8:45 am by Steven Cuce

After an embarrassing loss last week at the hands of a division rival, the Buffalo Bills returned the favor on the Kansas City Chiefs this week. The Bills routed the Chiefs 35-17 behind 123 yards rushing and two touchdowns from C.J. Spiller.

Stevie Johnson may have only caught two passes in the win over Kansas City, but he made it count with one touchdown on a 49-yard pass.

Stevie Johnson joined WGR in Buffalo with Schopp and Bulldog to discuss C.J. Spiller making the Bills’ win easy over the Kansas City Chiefs, the confusion in the Chiefs’ secondary during the game, the Chiefs being only focused on stopping C.J. Spiller, not taking advantage of replacement referees, his relationship with regular referees and his initial thoughts on the Cleveland Browns.

How easy was the win over the Chiefs?

“It wasn’t…well…I can’t say it wasn’t. I can’t say it was. C.J. Spiller made it easy. The offensive line played big and C.J. Spiller got off to a quick start and turned the ball over and things ended up going the way we planned it to. That’s what we were looking forward to.”

Your touchdown was the back-breaker. Was there confusion on the Chiefs’ defense yesterday?

“It had to be because Donald [Jones] ran out on the fade route and his guy ended up running with him and came underneath late and it basically mixed them up. I don’t know what was going on on the other side of the field, but all I seen was the far safety and just me and him. It was a great feeling. “

Do you blame the Chiefs for looking to shut down C.J. Spiller?

“Most def. That’s basically why I say C.J. Spiller made the game easy because they ended up having to stack the box trying to stop him and it left us open, well not open, but man-to-man on the outside with deep safeties. That’s all you really want as a receiver. You want to go  one-on-one with the guy across from you and other weeks it may be the other week around where we get off as the receivers and it opens it up for C.J. Spiller, but right now we are going to ride it as long as we can.”

On the field are you sensing school is out with the replacement referees in?

“No we are just trying to play the game. Whatever happens, happens. Hopefully if we do do something bad we like looking at the ref like, ‘Like man c’mon on dude? You better not call that.'”

Do you like talking to the referees? Even the regular guys?

“No when I came here I was just like the guy at the bottom, so I didn’t talk to anybody and not talk to the refs like that. Only time I got on the refs was when there was a bad call or something. I gotta chill out on that. That’s when I’d be flipping.”

Any thoughts on Cleveland coming up?

“We haven’t checked out any film on Cleveland just yet from looking at tape, but looking on television they are a tough defense. Both games they lost and they were in there. We are going to have our work cut out for us and we gotta be able to prevail through it and hopefully we have another big run in us. They look like a ‘Cover 2’ team and mixing a little man coverage. It’s a tough defense. We gotta be able to put up points.”

Listen to Stevie Johnson on WGR in Buffalo here

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