Plaxico Burress Calls “Shenanigans” On The NFL’s Replacement Officials

September 26, 2012 – 5:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

While the rest of the league racks up fines for illegal hits and criticism of the NFL’s replacement officials, they won’t be able to touch Plaxico Burress. The free agent receiver has yet to find himself a gig, but that’s great news for us as he breaks down the “shenanigans” he’s seeing while watching the officials.

Plaxico Burress joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis with The Ride With JMV to discuss not being back in the league at this point, his ideal situation, the bizarre end to Monday night’s game, his critique of the replacement officials in general and players pulling a fast one on the replacements.

Are you surprised you’re not back in the NFL at this point in the season?:

“I would think everybody is. I walk out of my house and I can’t even make it to my mailbox. That’s the first question I get asked before I make it to my mail. … We talk with teams daily about guys who are injured or not producing and things like that. I guess I’ve just got to wait my time. I guess this new CBA, for us veterans, it hasn’t been kind to us, so I’m just going to sit and wait for my opportunity to come.”

What’s your ideal situation?:

“You get to a point now where it’s almost the first month of the season is almost gone. When the opportunity comes, wherever I can go and have an impact and contribute. … Whoever that may be, they’re going to get a supreme talent and a guy that can go out and perform.”

Did you see the game-ending play on Monday Night Football?:

“I didn’t see it until [Tuesday] morning, but I was just like, ‘Wow.’ It’s frustrating. Before the ball was even caught, the guy was deliberately pushed down. … Just the play itself, you can see the guy, No. 43, go up, catch it and bring it in to his chest and the other guy kind of taking it away from him. From what I’m understanding from the rule, when you call a simultaneous catch, the guy can’t come in and gain control while the guy already has it. It clearly showed the guy already had control of the football. … It may come back to haunt Green Bay in the playoffs.”

What is your opinion on the replacement officials from what you have seen in the first three weeks?:

“From what I’ve seen? The best way for me to explain it is you don’t take a high school running back and put him in an NFL backfield and give him the ball 40 times and say, ‘Let’s go win a football game.’ … It’s just clear that those guys aren’t on top of things — the rules and everything, how it’s supposed to go. [Monday] night you’ve got one guy waving the play off, the other guy’s calling a touchdown. It’s just a whole lot of shenanigans going on out there. … The San Franciso 49ers got two plays reviewed and didn’t have any timeouts. How does something like that happen? It’s one of those things I think that Roger Goodell sees he has to get the regular officials back out there and he doesn’t know what to do. I think he’s going to have to swallow some pride along the line and give those officials the benefits that they deserve so the games can be called right.”

Do you think players are out there trying to pull one over on the replacements?:

“Without a doubt. That’s going to happen. If you’ve got guys out there that they really don’t know what’s going on and guys can get away with a little holding, a little pushing, this is a dog-eat-dog league and guys are going to get away with everything they can get away with if the referees don’t call it. … After the plays, guys are getting smacked around, kicked and punched. With the regular officials, these guys would be throwing¬†unnecessary¬†roughness flags, some would be kicked out of games. But they’re not even calling it, let alone guys being tossed out.”

Listen to Plaxico Burress on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis here

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