Brian Hartline Had to be Convinced He Put Up 253 Yards on Sunday

October 4, 2012 – 7:30 am by Brad Gagnon

Brian Hartline broke the Miami Dolphins’ single-game record with 253 yards receiving Sunday in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals, but he didn’t know it. In fact, college teammate Beanie Wells told Hartline after the game, but he didn’t believe him. Hartline finally accepted the fact he had made history when the media broke the news in the locker room.

Brian Hartline joined The Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket in Miami to discuss his massive game Sunday, how he came to find out he broke a team record and the Dolphins not needing a stereotypical No. 1 wide receiver.

On if he knew he had a record-breaking game against Arizona Sunday:

“I had no idea. No idea. Game was over, frustrated we lost. Went in the middle of the field with a chance to catch up with Beanie Wells, who played at Ohio State with me. And he’s like, ‘Man, good game.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, you know. Thanks.’ He’s like, ‘250 yards.’ And then my first words came out and I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re kidding me,’ or whatever I said. Stop messing with me or that’s messed up, whatever. Leave the field and I’m like, ‘Man, 250? Yeah right.’ I’m hoping maybe I had like 130 or something, 150 or something. And then the media came in, asked me, ‘How does it feel to do something that no Dolphin’s ever done?'”

On the fact that it was a road game being a factor there:

“Part of it, too, is it’s an away game, so they’re not really showing any Miami stats at any point in the game anywhere in the stadium. So you don’t glance and see things every now and then. You might get that at home.”

On if he watched SportsCenter a little more the next morning:

“I will admit that I watched a little bit more than usual.”

On the team not needing a stereotypical No. 1 receiver:

“We don’t have that kind of receiver because we don’t want that in our offense. That’s not what we do. I think it’s very similar — I’m making the correlation because of Green Bay and Coach Philbin — but I mean, they have a lot of guys that do a lot of good things up there, but you’re kind of hard-pressed to say who’s your No. 1. That’s kind of the idea we have down here.”

Listen to Brian Hartline on 790 The Ticket here (starts at 1:06:53 mark)

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