Athletics Manager Bob Melvin Talks the Return of Brett Anderson, Coco Crisp’s Miscue and the Pat Neshek Tragedy

October 9, 2012 – 8:45 am by Brad Gagnon

The Oakland Athletics are now in a do-or-die situation after a devastating loss to the Detroit Tigers in Game 2 of the ALDS. But because they’ve fought back when facing large obstacles before, manager Bob Melvin isn’t panicking as the A’s return home for Game 3 tonight in Oakland.

It might also help that the Athletics are getting injured lefty Brett Anderson back just in the nick of time.

Bob Melvin joined The Rise Guys on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco to discuss the team’s perseverance, the return of Brett Anderson, Coco Crisp’s killer dropped flyball in Game 2 and Pat Neshek’s tragic situation.

On how the team’s been at battling back from tough losses this season:

“I think we’ve been very good. It’s not like we played poorly. We made a couple mistakes [Sunday], but battled back. The game went back and forth and they ended up winning it, but we come home here where we’ve played well. We only have to win one game, so we win [Tuesday] and then we deal with the next game the next day. And I think if you look at it that way it’s a lot less daunting.”

On if Brett Anderson will start Game 3:

“We wanted to be careful and make sure each and every day that he’s making some progress. … If he comes in and feels good, he will pitch.”

On the boost Anderson will give the team:

“He’s a terrific pitcher; nobody wants to face him. So we’re glad, potentially, to have him back, and if that’s the case everybody will feel good when he takes the mound.”

On recovering from a close Game 2 loss:

“We’ve had a lot of tough losses, so we’re fine. We just move on and play the next game, like I said. Seems like every game we’ve had to win this year, we’ve won. And we look at each game individually and, again, not get too far ahead of ourselves.”

On Coco Crisp, who dropped a two-out flyball in Game 2:

“This guy’s a terrific center fielder. We, as a team, have picked each other up all season, so if that’s a play he makes most of the time you have to move past it and pick him up. And that’s what we tried to do, and we came back and did some good things after that. So you can’t just sit there and say, ‘What if?’ because of one play. You have to continue to play the game as hard as you can and focus on the belief in winning it.”

On Pat Neshek pitching days after losing his newborn son:

“I talked to him before, and I really wanted to get him in. He wanted to pitch. He wanted to get back to his teammates and have the support. Devastating situation, I mean, just awful. He and his wife both wanted to get back. They were there, we were in full support. He felt good about being with us and wanted to get in the game, and that was his spot. So I wasn’t going to try to tip-toe around it and not bring him in in the situation that he normally — when the phone down there rings — knows he’s going to be in. He had two hitters, he came in, he pitched brilliantly, got them both out. And I know relief for everybody that he got that outing under his belt, moved on and continues to do his thing for us. But boy, that shows you a lot about his character, being able to come in a game like that.”

Listen to Bob Melvin on 95.7 The Game here

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