Patrick Willis: “Whoever This Matt Millen Guy is … I Really Don’t Care About What This guy Has To Say”

October 16, 2012 – 8:45 am by Steven Cuce

For the first time during the Jim Harbaugh era, the San Francisco 49ers were embarrassed on their own home field. The New York Giants went into Candlestick Park and came away with a convincing 26-3 victory over the 49ers. It was a major surprise across the NFL.

Matt Millen made some critical comments to 95.7 The Game in San Francisco regarding linebackers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman. Willis had a response for Millen’s criticisms, but it sure would help if Willis knew who Millen was.

Patrick Willis joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco with The Wheelhouse to discuss Matt Millen’s critical comments toward NaVorro Bowman and himself, the San Francisco 49ers run defense against the Giants in the fourth quarter and the 49ers defense being fueled to play better after its disappointing performance.

Matt Millen came on our show this morning and said the loss against the New York Giants was the worst game you and NaVorro Bowman have played together. Is that a fair assessment?

“[Laughs] Oh man it’s like what it is with anything. We went in and everybody is on your bandwagon when you are playing good. Everybody has everything positive to say and when you don’t do well, they got everything critical to say. For us, we are going to continue to do the things we need to do and that’s play football. Every game is not going to be a perfect game. Every game is not going to be your best game. It’s business. At some point in time you gotta come down and at some point in time you got nowhere to go but up, and [Sunday] just wasn’t a good day for us across the board, but that’s part of the game. … And whoever this Matt Millen guy is, I’d like to ask him if he could do what we do every day and do what we do for 16 games a year and see if he can hold up every game. I doubt he would. I doubt he would be able to consistently play at a high level as Bowman and I do. I really don’t care about what this guy has to say. “

When you watched the film over what did you see from the fourth quarter rush defense?

“We didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, but we all want to make the [opposing] team one-dimensional and whatnot and we pride ourselves on stopping the run, and [Sunday] they were able to get some runs on us. We’ll go in and we’ll watch it and correct our mistakes and we can’t let it happen again, so like I said [Sunday], our hats go out to the Giants and they done what they need to do to win the game and we didn’t play our best football, but take nothing away from them. They done what they need to do.”

Knowing you a little bit it seems to me a game like this will fuel you and fuel your defense?

“Yeah it’s no question to us. For us, we’ll watch this film and it’ll make us that much more hungry to go out there and play better than we did, so we don’t have that taste that we have in our mouths. As great competitors we know never to sit back and rest on our morals, good or bad. We are trying to find a way to improve and we have great competitors on our defense and we have guys that want to be successful and we’ll get this thing right. It’s nothing bad. It’s just a bad game, but that don’t mean we are a bad defense. We know what kind of defense we’re capable of being and sometimes you have those days and we had one [Sunday].”

Listen to Patrick Willis on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco here

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  1. 16 Responses to “Patrick Willis: “Whoever This Matt Millen Guy is … I Really Don’t Care About What This guy Has To Say””

  2. Laurels P-dub.. “rest on our laurels” lol

    I’m sure your morals are fine!

    By Burnin Davis on Oct 16, 2012

  3. Matt Millen is an a****** everybody want to praise the Forty Niners when they were winning now they take 1 beat down and everybody is against them. That’s some b.s.

    By jay da 49er on Oct 16, 2012

  4. You dont know who Millen is as well it seems. He won 4 superbowls including one as a 49er. You are just a douchbag bandwagoner.

    By jay is an idiot on Oct 16, 2012

  5. Haha both Willis & “Jay da 49er” made themselves sound like complete ignorant b*stards, lol. I agree Millen should have said it a little different, but he’s paid to criticize and his opinion had a lot of truth in it. On the other hand, it’s not on Willis’ shoulders to give a damn what Millen thinks. But the “fan” who bashes one of his own SB champs is not much of a fan at all.

    By AJ Leight on Oct 17, 2012

  6. My dear Patrick Willis…it’s LAURELS, not morals. lmao

    By Willis on Oct 17, 2012

  7. Matt Millen, Detroit Lions president & GM from 2001-2008, compiled the worst record in Lions’ history at 31-97 and was consistently ridiculed by pundits and analysts.

    By Mac Turner on Oct 17, 2012

  8. Hey Patrick,
    This is the problem with players today. Nothing or nobody who played
    Before their limited memories means anything to them. They may be
    Great players now but sports and the NFL in particular is a game that
    Loves and honors its history and traditions and the players that helped
    Create the greatest team sport in the world. So Patrick if I just got my
    Ass kicked as badly as you did I might want to listen and learn a lesson
    From a past great in the NFL and a great Forty-Niner with a RING!!!

    By J. M. Palomo on Oct 17, 2012


    Last week’s loss had NOTHING to do with the defense. 26-3 MAY look like a blow out to some, but for those who actually WATCHED the game KNOWS that our defense actually KEPT US IN THE GAME!!! You kept thinking to yourself “ok, we’re only down 2 scores.. ok, we’re only down 3 scores, we still have time..”

    The defense stepped up, holding the Giants in the second half to nothing but field goals. OF COURSE we gave up more rushing yards than we normally do, Our OFFENSE couldn’t stay on the field!!!!

    The OFFENSE had a bad day, period…

    MATT MILLEN… YOU should be the LAST person to pass any kind of judgement on ANYONE..

    By Chris on Oct 17, 2012

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