Ryan Vogelsong on Coming Through in the Clutch: “I don’t feel like we feel like we’re out of place in those situations”

October 24, 2012 – 10:15 am by Chris Fedor

The San Francisco Giants lost closer Brian Wilson and they found a new one in Sergio Romo. Melky Cabrera was suspended for 50 games and the team still had enough offense to make it to the postseason. The Giants went down 0-2 in the NLDS against Cincinnati and they rallied to continue their playoff run. And then it looked like the magic had run out as San Francisco went down 3-1 in the NLCS against last year’s World Series Champs but the deficit didn’t phase them and once again, against all odds, the Giants rallied and put together an improbable comeback to advance to the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.

Ryan Vogelsong joined 95.7 the Game in San Francisco on the Wheelhouse to talk about what was going through his mind as the rains came down at the end of game seven, if he thinks his game six performance was even better than his performance in game two, why he thinks the team is so good in elimination games and clutch situations, if he is having fun during the playoffs and what he thinks about Justin Verlander.

What was going through his mind as the rains came down at the end of game seven:

“I was in the dugout kind of laughing to myself. I’m like we’re down 0-2, we’re down 3-1, we score nine runs, we’re shutting them out and then a little bit of rain, what else? You know we will deal with whatever you throw at us. It was pretty surreal there, that last out with the rain coming down like that. It was pretty incredible.”

If he thinks his game six was better than his performance in game two:

“As far as overall command of all my pitches, I thought game two was better. Obviously game six, the magnitude of the game, a win or go home atmosphere and I definitely had some pretty good stuff in game six but I think overall pitching-wise and pitching performance-wise, the way I commanded the ball in game two was a little bit better but I will take both of them. I’m not going to tell you that I was mad at the way I threw the ball in game six, that’s for sure.”

Why he thinks the team is so good in clutch situations this year:

“I think it’s just everything we’ve been through during the season. We lose (Brian) Wilson and we have to find a way to win without Wilson, then we lose Melky (Cabrera) and we have to figure out a way to win without Melky, we go down 0-2 to Cincinnati and we have to figure out a way to win three there in a stadium where they hadn’t lost three games in a row all season and then we go down 3-1 to the Cardinals and we just have to find a way to win. I think it doesn’t phase us anymore. We’ve been through so much through the season, you don’t win games because you feel like you’re out of place and I don’t feel like we feel like we’re out of place in those situations.”

Whether he is having fun in the playoffs:

“It’s fun when you’re doing good. It’s crazy. Even my friends keep calling me asking me how nervous I was and I said I wasn’t nervous in any game yet. I keep saying I feel like God had a plan for me and he was preparing me for these games and I think that’s just kept me calm because that’s what I truly believe. The last two games I’ve had a blast. Even Buster (Posey) was like ‘you’re having fun out there aren’t you?’ I said ‘yeah’ but a lot of that comes with knowing I’m hitting the glove with where he puts it right now. The game gets a little more stressful when he puts the glove over there and you’re not having a lot of success hitting it. It’s a little more enjoyable when he’s calling a pitch and I’m throwing where he wants it so I’m having a good time right now.”

What he thinks about Justin Verlander:

“First of all his stuff is unbelievable. I know from watching games live and watching a game on TV that you don’t see the same breaks on pitches on TV as you do live and you see his ball breaking on TV which some guys sliders and stuff they’re moving more in real life, but when you can see his ball breaking like that on TV you know it has to be pretty nasty in real life. Not to mention he is brushing it up there at 99 and 100 when he wants to. I think the thing that makes him special is how he carries his velocity through the whole game. I know he’s been pitching a little lower velocities early and he’s getting into the seventh and eighth inning and he starts throwing 100, that’s a pretty special individual. He’s the only guy I know that has ever done that. I’m not quite sure how Nolan Ryan carried his velocity through games. I know he threw hard but I think he threw hard start to finish. Right there we are talking about two guys out of how many that have pitched in this game? He’s special. You don’t win the Cy Young and the MVP in the same year when you’re not good.”

Listen to Ryan Vogelsong on 95.7 the Game here

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