Jerry Jones Dishes On Dez Bryant As A Return Man, Jason Garrett’s Late Play Calls And Getting Booed at Home

November 1, 2012 – 9:00 am by Brad Gagnon

The Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of collapse after losing to their division-rival New York Giants in heartbreaking fashion in Week 8. Now Dallas has to battle the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons on the road. But Jerry Jones says he isn’t discouraged and he appears to be standing by his team and its head coach.

Jerry Jones joined RJ and Shan on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas to discuss last week’s tough loss to the Giants, the issues affecting the team, Dez Bryant’s role as a punt returner and the risks that come with it, as well as Jason Garrett’s play-calling against New York and how it felt to be booed at home Sunday.

On how he feels about last week’s loss to the Giants:

“I’m sick. We had three or four chances there near the end to win a game that took a super effort to get back in. And so there were those kinds of swings that we all experienced, and you are able to overcome that kind of early bad play, and then make that thing be viable for a win at the end against a team of the Giants character. And we all know they’re one of the better teams — it’s very disappointing. And I’m very disappointed, but not discouraged at all.”

On the multitude of issues affecting the team:

“I’ve often said that a football team is like trying to hold two handfuls of jello. When you get part of it under control, the other part’s coming out the other side. And that’s football. It can be a positive thing, and when it gets going, it’s a thing of beauty. But until it gets there, there’s all types of continuing challenges. Turnovers, it’s well known, it’s said often, and it’s said from the first day you walk in the locker room — if you can’t hold the ball and keep the ball when you’re supposed to have it, you’re usually not going to win. And it takes just an inordinate thing, it takes a Romo — similar to the Buffalo game that we had six, seven years ago when we had all the turnovers and still won — that’s rare. The turnovers will usually do you under and the other day that’s the thing that got us.”

On Dez Bryant returning kicks:

“Well we’ve gotta protect the ball. One of the things you often see, at least we do, you see a player back there that has less return potential but is an outstanding hands guy — can really catch the ball and does protect the ball. And at the end of the day, to prevent the turnover is the No. 1 goal. The kicking game — all phases of it — when you make mistakes in it, they’re accentuated. And of course, that happened. Rather than have possession, you give up possession. It’s your time to make that possession. Usually, defense have done a good job. It affects momentum, it affects — technically — the field, and how well you’re going to play in the game. So turnovers on the kicking game are even more hurtful than turnovers in the regular part of the game.”

On head coach Jason Garrett calling three straight pass plays with only one yard to go to pick up a first down on a late drive:

“The day was clearly oriented for us, offensively, to throw the ball. The defense was not giving us anything, plus that’s their strength, is their front seven; their front was their strength. And we hadn’t done well running the ball, but we had done outstanding as of late — late being the last two quarters — moving the ball by throwing to Jason Witten. … So I have no quarrel with those calls there. We changed a play. We did have an option to run [on] the play if they had lined up differently, we could have run the ball. But under the circumstances, the way they lined up, I don’t second-guess the call.”

On his comment claiming he didn’t mind getting booed and had been to “boo school”:

“First of all, they teach you, don’t ever walk into another sport or another venue and be introduced — a basketball, baseball game or what have you — because if a boo starts, it’s going to be pretty good, so don’t do that. Why’d I even go to boo school? Really, what I was implying is, because certainly in 24 years I’ve experienced boos, but the other things is, we all know that for whatever the reason, we put it up on our screen and we also had Jason up there and I’m not sure if Tony was up there or not, but that gives a good opportunity to create some kind of reminder about the fact that we’re not playing well. And those are the people responsible for not playing well. I accept that and I understand it now. I’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt to get booed, but that just goes with it.”

Listen to Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan here

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