Anthony Davis Says His Unibrow Isn’t Going Anywhere

November 2, 2012 – 9:30 am by Chris Fedor

Anthony Davis helped lead Kentucky to a National Championship in his only year in college. The New Orleans Hornets are hoping that he will help lead to the team’s turnaround. After being the first overall pick in the draft, Davis made his NBA debut for New Orleans against Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. Even though New Orleans lost the game, they gave San Antonio all they could handle and Davis, who scored 21 points and grabbed seven boards, showed that he belongs and the future is bright in the Big Easy.

Anthony Davis joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about how he felt being playing in his first NBA game, whether he talked to Tim Duncan during his first game, whether he thinks last year’s Kentucky team could beat the Charlotte Bobcats, what player he is looking forward to match-up against in the near future.

How it felt playing in his first NBA game:

“I felt great. The first time I stepped onto that floor in the regular season, opening night, I just had a blast, had fun and unfortunately we didn’t end the way we wanted to end but we fought hard, played a great game. There are some things that we have to change in practice but overall I think it was a great game and a great experience.”

Whether he talked to Tim Duncan during the game:

“Not much. Was trying to focus on the game and didn’t get a chance to really talk to him as much as I wanted to and he left right after the game so I didn’t get a chance but pretty sure we will be in touch soon.”

If he thinks last year’s Kentucky team could beat the Bobcats:

“I have no idea. Charlotte is an NBA team and we were a college team. They’re a lot smarter and the game is a lot more physical than college so pretty sure it would be a good game because we had a will to win and we always fought no matter what.”

Whether he plans on keeping his unibrow:

“Yeah I’m definitely going to keep it. I’m not planning on shaving it anytime soon. I like it, it’s who I am and apparently the fans love it. I’m just going to keep it and rock with it forever.”

What player he is looking forward to matching up against in the near future:

“Soon? I should probably look at our schedule again but I definitely want to match up against Kevin Garnett, he’s one of the guys I looked up to when I was growing up as a player and the way he approaches the game, his mentality, his skill-set, I just try to take things away from his game and incorporate them into my game. He’s relentless, he’s out there and he just plays so I’d definitely like to match up against him and see how I stand against one of my idols and learn from his game.”

Listen to Anthony Davis on the Dan Patrick Show here (Audio begins 23:45 into the podcast)

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