Dwyane Wade On the Foul by Rajon Rondo: “That won’t be the last physical moment”

November 2, 2012 – 10:30 am by Chris Fedor

The Miami-Boston game on opening night did not disappoint. Before the game Miami collected their championship rings. On the court, they looked every bit like a team ready to take a run at a repeat. When it comes to Boston and Miami there is bad blood between the two teams and over the last couple of years it has turned into one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA, filled with heated moments. Tuesday night was no exception. With 18 seconds left in the game, Dwyane Wade was fouled hard by Rajon Rondo and led to a heated exchange from both sides. Wade called it a “punk play” from Rondo.

Dwyane Wade joined ESPN Radio New York with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan¬† to talk about the Heat’s offense, whether they think they can be beaten if they play their best game, why he had an issue with Rajon Rondo’s foul and what he makes of Doc Rivers bringing up his takedown of Rondo a few years ago.

On Miami’s offense:

“We have a lot of work to do but when it comes to moving the basketball, if you put a team like us together, we understand it’s not about self, it’s about success and the only way we’re going to have that is we all play together and keep everyone happy. Our job is to not second guess but move the ball knowing you have a guy who is highly capable right next to you who can make a play if you don’t have one. That’s where we’re at right now but we still have a lot of work to do.”¬†
Whether he thinks Miami can be beaten if they play their best game:

“We have the mentality of we don’t want to beat ourselves. If the team is going to beat us we want them to beat us with us playing our best game. That’s all you can do. Our job is to go out there every night and put our best foot forward knowing there’s a lot of good teams in this league. This league right now is as good as it has been in a very long time so we have our work cut out for us but we feel as long as we are healthy and we’re playing the Miami Heat way then we are a pretty tough team.”

Why he had such a problem with Rajon Rondo’s foul:

“First of all we play a very physical game so things like that happen in games and for me the only thing was there were 18 seconds left in the ball game and it was kind of decided at the time. But any time we play Boston there are physical moments during the game. That won’t be the last physical moment. That’s it. You move on.”

On Doc Rivers bringing up his takedown of Rondo a few years ago:

“I’d ask to really go back and look at it and he would see Rondo pull me and then I pulled him and we both fell. That’s how I was falling because Rondo pulled me on that play. I apologized to Rondo for that because I don’t ever want to see anyone get injured just like I didn’t mean to injure Kobe in the All-Star game but things happen. There wasn’t 18 seconds left in either one of those games when they were decided so that’s what I was talking about when I said punk play. There’s 18 seconds. Why are you going for my neck? You can do that throughout the game, early in the game, it’s competition lets go.”

Listen to Dwyane Wade on ESPN Radio New York here

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