Jim Harbaugh Hopes His San Francisco 49ers Return From Layoff Ready For A Second-Half Push

November 7, 2012 – 9:15 am by Eric Schmoldt

The San Francisco 49ers have won two games in a row, but it’s been a bit of a weird month surrounding that span. They beat Seattle 13-6 in a Thursday night game on Oct. 18 and their only other game since was a Monday night victory in Week 8. San Francisco had the bye last week, but will now resume regularly scheduled programming against the St. Louis Rams.

Jim Harbaugh joined KNBR in San Francisco with Murph and Mac to discuss his San Francisco team coming off the bye week, weird news surrounding Aldon Smith, the play of guys like Alex Smith and Randy Moss, Vernon Davis’ production on offense and his Halloween costume.

You guys have played one game since Oct. 19, thanks to a long layoff after a Thursday game and then a bye week. Is there a sense that you have to get the cobwebs out?:

“Yeah, I mean, there’s that worry and we’ll be back on the practice field today and get a workout in and see exactly where we’re at. But … we’ve come off some layoffs in the past and it’s been good, so you just get back out there and address that. The flip side of that is everybody in a football organization, especially the players, there comes a time where you need to take a knee, sip water and make a push for the second half of the campaign.”

Is it ideal that a bye week comes directly in the middle of your season?:

“You never know. When is it good and then you start talking about momentum or this or that. It is where it is, and right in the middle of the season seems like as good a place as any.”

Aldon Smith has been back in the headlines after reports that he was attacked in Missouri during the time off. What are your thoughts on that?:

“Just what we know about it, there were some rumors on the Internet. Trent Baalke, our general manager, talked to Aldon and Aldon said there was nothing to it. I don’t know what there is more to expand on that. … We care. We worry about a lot of things with our team, with our players, and how they approach their job and their lives off the field. We have a lot of concern and care about that.”

On quarterback Alex Smith’s play over the first eight games:

“I think he’s doing a fabulous job, and I’m very excited for the second half of the season. We know there’s going to be challenges … but hopefully he had a chance, and I know he did, to spend some time with his family and get recharged for the second half of the season. I know he’s excited about it. He’s doing a fabulous job.”

Last time we saw Randy Moss he was streaking to the end zone. What have you seen from him?:

“I think he’s doing a terrific job and it was great to see him get that touchdown. … He’s been a pro. He works extremely hard, has been a valued member of the team and we’re glad to have him on our team.”

What’s it like having all these weapons on offense, and how do you think that has affected tight end Vernon Davis?:

“His role is top-notch player on our team, well-respected, fine person, does a great job. Every single week, you could pick out, ‘Why didn’t this [happen]?’ … Every week you could pick out someone that might not have gotten as many balls as you think they could have or should have. But the main thing is our football team is locked in on overcoming those obstacles and winning these games and that’s the most important thing.”

On Halloween and his costume:

“We were actually able to go out with the kids and trick-or-treat this year. That was great. I went as my brother. … I had a Ravens hat, a Ravens jacket and he usually wears black pants, so I had black pants and black shoes. … People told me I looked like him.”

Listen to Jim Harbaugh on KNBR in San Francisco here

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