Georges St. Pierre Says He Won’t Think About Anderson Silva Until After His Fight With Carlos Condit

November 12, 2012 – 8:45 am by Chris Fedor

After an 18 month layoff that was caused by an injury to his knee, Georges St. Pierre will make his return to the octagon this Saturday night at UFC 154 in his hometown of Montreal. Prior to his injury, GSP was considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in MMA and he will be trying to prove that he is still the guy that hasn’t lost since 2007. Carlos Condit provides a big enough challenge as it is and then of course there is another side story in anticipation of this fight. If St. Pierre can get past Condit, which is no easy task, the fight that UFC fans have been dreaming about, a super-fight against Anderson Silva could be next.

Georges St. Pierre joined 790 the Ticket in Miami on the Dan LeBatard Show to talk about getting to fight in his hometown, if him versus Anderson Silva is something that has already been decided, if there is any fighter in the sport that he wants to fight because he doesn’t like him and whether there is a fighter in the sport that possesses a skill that he would like to have.

How excited he is to fight in his hometown:

“I’m excited. My friends and family will be able to watch it live so it’s a fun thing.”

If him against Anderson Silva is a fight that has already been decided:

“I take one fight at a time and then we will see what’s going to happen. (Host: You know that’s the fight that everyone wants, is that the fight that you want?) I want to fight Condit first and then we will see what’s going to happen. I take one fight at a time and we will see. Different weight class and we will see the terms of the fight if it happens. It’s very complicated so right now I’d rather not think about it, just focus on Carlos Condit and then after we will sit down and talk.”

If there is anyone in the sport that he wants to fight because he doesn’t like him:

“It’s not about like or not like, it’s about now that I’m champion, who is going to make me, my challenger, I think Carlos Condit right now is the perfect test for me right now and we will see after that what is going to come next. Right now Carlos Condit is perfect, he’s the man that I want to beat. He’s the champion and I want to come back and get back to the title.”

If there is someone who possesses a skill that he would like to have:

“There’s many guys who have skills that are better than mine in different departments but mixed martial arts, that’s the beauty of it, you need to be well-rounded. In terms of pound-for-pound, the best pound-for-pound, I believe it’s Frankie Edgar. That’s what I believe. (Host: Wait, it’s you. It’s you or Silva. Everyone knows that. You’re just being humble.) No I truly believe he’s the best pound-for-pound. He was fighting in a weight class above his and he was the world champion. Even though he lost his two last fights I believe the judges made a mistake. I gave him these two fights. That’s my personal opinion.”

Listen to Georges St. Pierre on 790 the Ticket in Miami here (Audio begins 47:30 into the podcast)

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