Duane Brown Calls Win Over Chicago “A Defining Moment” For The Texans

November 13, 2012 – 8:30 am by Brad Gagnon

The Houston Texans now are tied atop the NFL after taking care of the Bears in a rainy, windy and sloppy game Sunday night in Chicago, and left tackle Duane Brown — who held Julius Peppers in check as best he could — is a big reason why they’re in such great shape.

Brown is fired up that his team is 8-1, and he believes this might have been one of the biggest victories they’ve been able to muster.

Duane Brown joined John & Sean on KGOW in Houston to discuss Houston’s  sloppy but crucial victory over the Bears Sunday night, the positive attention he’s been receiving for his play against Julius Peppers and the rest of that Chicago front, and how he believes head coach Gary Kubiak feels about the victory. He also gave a personal assessment of his performance and talked about the absence of tight end Owen Daniels.

On if he believes Sunday night’s victory in Chicago was a defining moment for the Texans:

“Definitely, man. Looking at the prime-time games we’ve had, the games that we did win, people felt like we didn’t perform as well as we should have. We got out there and got our butts kicked, and being able to go into Chicago, in that kind of environment, against that kind of group, we knew it could say a lot about us. It wasn’t pretty; we won 13-6 — we knew it was going to be that type of game. But we felt like we controlled the game. Defensively, they played lights out. Ultimately we kind of hurt ourselves some drives, but we still ran the ball consistently and got that defense a little frustrated and came away with a win. And I think that’s definitely a defining moment for us.”

On Cris Collinsworth singing his praises on NBC’s broadcast Sunday night:

“I heard about it, man. That’s awesome. I appreciate those guys. I knew what kind of night I was getting into, going against Peppers as well as the other talented guys they got on that group. And I just wanted to play hard for my guys, man.”

On how he felt he played in Chicago:

“It wasn’t pretty. It was so hard playing on that field. It definitely factored into everyone’s play. But I feel like I did pretty good. We ran the ball the majority of the time and I did a pretty good job of locking Peppers up.”

On not having tight end Owen Daniels in Week 10:

“It’s a huge effect, man. Knowing that he was down this week really hurt us. He’s an All-Pro-type player and does a lot for this offense. He gets down and dirty and does the run-blocking. But I think the receiving part of his game is crucial for us. He’s able to work in space against linebackers or DBs and still have an advantage.”

On if he thinks coach Gary Kubiak will have qualms with what he sees on tape:

“Not at all, man. We knew what kind of game it was going to be; we knew their defense was going to make some plays. Big thing for us is that no one got discouraged, no one got down, no one pointed fingers. We all sucked it up and went out the next drive and did what we could. I gotta take my hat off to our defense for playing lights out and giving us opportunities over and over again to go out and try to get points. And I don’t think he’ll be upset at all.”

Listen to Duane Brown on KGOW here

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