Eric Weddle: Norv Turner “Has No Control On Whether We Miss a Tackle, Whether We Give Up a Touchdown”

November 16, 2012 – 6:45 am by Brad Gagnon

The San Diego Chargers are toiling along through another disappointing season. Lots of talent, but no delivery. Too many mistakes, highlighted by a world-class collapse against the Denver Broncos earlier this season.

The good news is the Chargers are still alive in the AFC playoff race. The bad news is they draw Peyton Manning and the red-hot Broncos again this week, and this time it’s in Denver.

Chargers safety Eric Weddle joined Dave and Jeff on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss Sunday’s game in Denver, what’s changed with the Broncos since that last meeting, the misconception that the team doesn’t care enough and his confidence in embattled head coach Norv Turner.

On the importance of this week’s game in Denver:

“In a sense it’s a huge game. What’s at stake, where we’re at in the standings and obviously where Denver’s at and the way they’re playing right now we’ve gotta go put a great game together and find a way to win. Play well in all three phases for four quarters. When we’ve done that we’ve won, and when we haven’t we’ve lost. So it’s kind of easy to pinpoint where we haven’t been successful at. It’s a big game, we’re excited for it. You don’t want to think if we lose this game, everything’s counted out, but it’s a huge game. … We gotta win this game.”

On what’s changed about this Denver team since their first meeting back in Week 6:

“They’re just playing really efficient. They’re playing team ball, playing well off each other. They’re winning games. Peyton’s playing unbelievable football, not turning it over. Efficient, high percentage, converting third downs, and their defense is playing outstanding. Even their special teams is getting in on the act with Holliday getting a punt return. They’re on a roll because they’re playing well in all three phases — it’s not one side or the other. They’re playing well off each other and they’ve built some momentum, so it’s going to be a tough task going into that environment, that stadium. But we feel we can do it.”

On his perception that there’s a misconception regarding how much the Chargers care when they lose:

“We care, and it hurts us worse than anyone can imagine. We live and breathe to go out and play and win games. And when we lose, it kills us. It eats at us. I think the biggest misconception is that we don’t — I’m not saying that it’s been said or not — but just that we don’t care or losing doesn’t affect us. It does. … It hurts us and it’s what drives us. I hate to lose; I hate to lose anything. When we lose it’s like the end of the world for me, and that’s how all the guys are in this locker room. And that’s why it’s great to come back to work. We just gotta put it together. We’ve got the team, we’ve got the talent, we just have to play four quarters and when it comes down to crunch time, don’t keep shooting ourselves in the foot.”

On what he appreciates about head coach Norv Turner:

“His preparation, his trust, his familiarity, his relationship with each player. I’ve always — and I’ve told you this numerous times — the coaches coach, the players play. Norv has no control on whether we miss a tackle, whether we give up a touchdown, we give up a blocked punt, whether we throw an interception. … I’ve always felt that we as players have to play better and not make silly mistakes. … Coach does a great job of getting us ready. He believes in us. Every waking moment he’s trying to get us better and put us in a position to make plays. We have a lot of respect for coach because he couldn’t care less about the notoriety, he couldn’t care less about what people think. All he wants is for us to win and to enjoy winning and to win a Super Bowl for us.”

Listen to Eric Weddle on XX Sports Radio here

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