Philadelphia Eagles’ Cullen Jenkins: “Nobody Thought That We’d be in This Position … We’re Better Than This”

November 21, 2012 – 8:45 am by Brad Gagnon

The Philadelphia Eagles are a 3-7 mess, and now the inevitable is only being delayed by the remaining games on the schedule as Philadelphia waits for the ax to fall on Andy Reid’s job. The Eagles are simply being dominated, but what’s even worse is that they aren’t even playing as though they care.

Cullen Jenkins joined Mike and Ike on WIP in Philadelphia to discuss the feeling in the Eagles’ locker room, what Andy Reid has been telling the team, any potential finger-pointing among players, the defensive miscues that have plagued them of late and what they expect from the crowd Monday night against Carolina.

On how things are in the locker room right now:

“It’s tough right now in the locker room. Nobody thought that we’d be in this position right here, losing six games straight. Just trying to stay positive. Everybody’s trying to keep their head up, trying to move forward and just working [on] corrections, but it’s definitely tough.”

On what Andy Reid is telling them:

“He just talks to us. He tells us not to worry about anything from the outside coming in, and he keeps telling us, ‘Just keep fighting.’ Reiterates that we’re a better team than this, and stuff that we’re showing, our poor performances, aren’t acceptable.”

On if there’s any finger-pointing in the locker room:

“There’s no finger-pointing going on, at least not that I’ve noticed or on my part. The biggest thing that Coach Reid talked to us and Coach Bowles talked to us is just accountability. There doesn’t need to be any finger-pointing. My job is to be accountable for myself because there’s plenty of things that I can do better. It’s not my job to worry about what anybody else needs to be doing better or anything like that, because I have to make sure I’m taking care of my business first.”

On the defense struggling even more so since firing Juan Castillo:

“It’s just about people making plays, people taking care of their assignments. … The biggest disappointment is the fact that we’re way better than this, but yet we can’t keep saying we’re better when we’re not showing it.”

On the reception he expects when they host Carolina on Monday night:

“A lot of fans aren’t happy, and they got a right to be. Could possibly be some booing, chants, things like that. But it’s nothing new. We’ve gotta go out there, nationally-televised game, our pride at stake — go out there and at least try to get this city, get these fans a win.”

Listen to Cullen Jenkins on WIP here

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