Jack Taylor Describes What It’s Like to Score 138 Points in One Game

November 26, 2012 – 5:45 am by Steven Cuce

Jack Taylor made his way into the record books on Tuesday night. The sophomore guard put up an NCAA-record 138 points in Grinnell’s 179-104 rout of Faith Baptist Bible.

Taylor attempted 71 3-point shots and 108 field goals. He put up one 3-pointer every 30 seconds he was on the floor. It seems as though Grinnell College never got the memo on sportsmanship, but here’s the man himself talking about his achievement.

Jack Taylor joined WSCR in Chicago with Connor McKnight to discuss scoring an NCAA-record 138 points in one game, taking a four-minute rest during the game, coming off the bench for Grinnell College and the game against Faith Baptist Bible getting out of hand.

You scored 138 points tonight. How the heck did that go down?:

“We opened our season with a tournament and I didn’t shoot too well in that tournament, especially from three-point range, and so coming into this game we made a concerted effort — my teammates and my coaches — to kind of get me going offensively before we head into conference play. I took more shots than I usually take, and halfway through the first half they kind of knew something special was going on, and we kind of just rode the wave.”

When did your four minutes of rest come from?:

“I think it just came from the sheer number of shots that I was putting up. It was hard to keep my legs under me and so I took a couple of breaks.”

This is your first start? Why hasn’t your coach started you more?:

“Yeah, I think he has been leaning on me. The way we play in our system, the starting jobs don’t really matter. The top five players don’t start. … One of the games I took 19 3-pointers and in the other game I think I took 15. They just weren’t dropping for me. I’m lucky to have teammates who were willing to keep giving me the ball and sacrifice their own stats.”

You scored 138 points in the game. An opposing player scored 70 points. That’s 208 points between the two of you. When did you realize this game was getting completely out of hand for the two of you?:

“It was definitely in the 2nd half. We had continued to force turnovers. I think we forced 49 [that night] and I think in the second half they started to beat our press a little more effectively. He was able to get 70 points.”

Listen to Jack Taylor on WSCR in Chicago here

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