Andrew Luck Draws Inspiration From Seeing Chuck Pagano on the Jumbotron

November 27, 2012 – 6:00 am by Brad Gagnon

With another win Sunday over Buffalo, the Indianapolis Colts — who won just twice last year — are now 7-4 with new quarterback Andrew Luck leading the way. Indy could still flop, but the team has overcome so much with head coach Chuck Pagano battling cancer and such drastic changes on the field that this season will probably be a success regardless of what happens in the final month.

Andrew Luck joined JMV on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis to discuss the Colts’ successful season thus far, head coach Chuck Pagano giving the team inspiration, Reggie Wayne and Coby Fleener.

On if the lack of expectations for this team prior to the season motivated him:

“I’ve never really cared about what other people say about a team I’m on being good or bad. I’ve never been motivated by that, but I do know other guys are motivated that way and if it works, it works.”

On Chuck Pagano being at Sunday’s game and appearing on the big screen:

“I noticed it, two things from it. One is, we definitely can’t lose now — Coach is on the Jumbotron. And the second thing is it got so loud I couldn’t hear the play call through the headset. … So I had to run back over to the sideline and hear it from two feet away.”

On Reggie Wayne’s superb season:

“He’s meant everything to our offense; it runs through him. His production, everything that he does — his leadership for all the young guys in the locker room — he’s been great. You couldn’t ask for anything more in a veteran leader. And to boot, he’s an unbelievable football player that makes me look good. So he’s been a lot of fun to play with.”

On Coby Fleener’s injury situation:

“I think he is going crazy a little bit but hopefully he’ll come back 100 percent, ready to roll, and add some more to this offense.”

On if he thinks they’ll get Pagano back on the sideline at some point this year:

“I’m not his doctor and I’m not Coach’s wife, so I couldn’t tell you on that. But I do know we’d love to see him out there, and if he’s not out there, we know he’s with us in spirit. He’s been great all year. You couldn’t ask for anything more in terms of a head coach. But yeah, we hope he’s out there.”

Listen to Andrew Luck on 1070 The Fan here

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