Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Move Closer to Clinching the AFC West

November 29, 2012 – 9:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

The Denver Broncos pushed their winning streak to six games on Sunday, despite the fact that a 17-9 victory in Kansas City didn’t look all that pretty. Still, quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos could potentially wrap up an AFC West title this weekend when they play Tampa Bay.

Peyton Manning joined KOA in Denver with Dave Logan to discuss his experience in playing Tampa Bay in the past, a late-game drive to put away the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend and what he’s seen in 1,000-yard receiver Demaryius Thomas.

On his experience with the Colts playing against Tampa Bay:

“I played against them twice. Obviously last year our team played them; I didn’t play. It’s really kind of a different team. They have a new coaching staff and he’s really kind of brought his coaching mentality to their team. You really see them playing with an aggressive, physical style. Their defense is very opportunistic, stout against the run. They cause a lot of turnovers.”

On putting together a six-minute drive to finish off a somewhat ugly victory over Kansas City:

“It was a big drive for us. It was a mix of some runs and passes. Knowshon got us started with a good run, a good, positive run. We got a first down, second down, first down. It’s always nice if you get a little flow. Those two series before we were three-and-out, and so it’s nice to get a little rhythm there, and then hit Demaryius with two third-down conversions, which really, essentially, put the game away.”

Just what kind of receiver is Demaryius Thomas?:

“He’s a receiver with just a tremendous amount of talent. The needle is just pointing upward. I just want to see him continue to improve like I know he can. That’s a great start. He and I talked the other day. A thousand yards is not the barrier for him. He has higher goals and we have higher standards for him on that, especially in a 16-game season. … But his size and his speed are very rare. There’s certain things he can do that other guys can’t do.”

Listen to Peyton Manning on KOA in Denver here (Interview begins at 12:25)

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