Owen Daniels On if He’d Like to Play With Ndamukong Suh: “Obviously You Don’t Want to Have Dirty Players on Your Team”

November 29, 2012 – 6:45 am by Brad Gagnon

The Houston Texans continue to survive in close victories, and their Thanksgiving matchup with the Detroit Lions was no exception. But Houston’s victory in Detroit also came with some controversy.

First, there was that Justin Forsett touchdown that was only a touchdown because Jim Schwartz threw a challenge flag to negate the review, and then there was a play in which Suh may or may not have intentionally kicked Matt Schaub in the family jewels.

Owen Daniels joined Matt and Adam on KBME in Houston to discuss Ndamukong Suh’s controversial “kick” from their Thanksgiving matchup, the NFL’s overtime system, and Justin Forsett’s controversial touchdown from the Detroit game.

On not being able to get to a Matt Schaub pass in which he was wide open against the Lions:

“It’s one you look to connect on right there. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen.”

On Lions head coach Jim Schwartz throwing a challenge flag on a scoring play, negating an automatic review that would have taken a Houston touchdown off the board:

“I don’t think I knew that rule. I was out there on the field for Justin’s play, and then once I heard the referee say that this play cannot be reviewed, just took it on down there for the extra point. … That’s obviously a break that we caught, but a new rule probably for a lot of people out there.”

On the NFL’s overtime procedure:

“I think there’s always going to be complaints about overtime in the NFL because everyone wants to see someone win or lose. No one wants to see a tie. I think there’ll be complaints. If we did it the college way, it could just keep going back and forth with field goals forever and ever, and people are going to complain if a field goal wins the game right off the bat. So it’s a good way — I think it’s pretty fair. Both teams get a chance to score and they’re making it as fair as they can.”

On if he thinks there should be ties in the NFL:

“When you play five quarters of a game and there is no winner and there is no loser, that kinda, it almost isn’t worth it, to walk away with a tie and not have the satisfaction of winning that game, or no one gets it. So that’s just weird. But then you run into the situation of maybe playing multiple overtime periods and people don’t like that. I like the way it is; it’s the best fit for what most people want.”

On if he’d like a player like Ndamukong Suh on his team:

“Obviously you don’t want to have dirty players on your team. You wanna have guys on your team that do things the right way and aren’t a liability and aren’t someone that will make a mistake that could possibly hurt the team down the road like that. And you want to have respect for the players. There’s people out there doing their job and trying to do it the right way — you don’t want to see people doing it the wrong way. So obviously he has a history and I don’t like seeing players do stuff like that.”

On if he thinks Suh’s controversial “kick” was worthy of a suspension:

“In my eyes, he extends his leg, you know? If it was an accident, he probably just would have rolled through it and there wouldn’t have been any type of reaction. He wouldn’t have kept his leg up in the air. There’s a whole bunch of things in my eyes that point to it being something that he did on purpose. You look at the history. I remember watching the Bulls back in the day when they had Dennis Rodman. He had his history of issues, but he would never get the benefit of the doubt. They’d always err on the side of calling a technical foul on him just because of the history that he had made for himself. So I think you’ve gotta take a look at that sometimes.”

Listen to Owen Daniels on KBME here (starts at 30:00)

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