High School Coach Remembers Jerry Brown, Believes he was “On the Brink of Making it”

December 11, 2012 – 6:00 am by Brad Gagnon

It was another tragic weekend in NFL circles, with Dallas Cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown dying in a car accident outside of Dallas. The vehicle was being driven by teammate and friend Josh Brent, who is charged with intoxication manslaughter, but the heart of the tragedy lies in the fact a young football player has died for the second time in a matter of days.

Vashon (Mo.) High School football coach Reginald Ferguson joined The E-Mac Show on KXFN in St. Louis to discuss his former star player Jerry Brown, who died tragically in a car accident early Saturday morning outside of Dallas.

On the type of person Jerry Brown was when he coached him:

“He was the type of kid that once you’ve met him, you kind of never forget him. His personality, his smile and everything, that attached to you right away. That was Jerry. He was the type of guy that wanted to do his best and wanted everybody he was involved with to do their best as well. That was Jerry.”

On Brown standing out at Vashon:

“He stood out right away as a youngster, and then once he became a junior and senior he started catching the eye of a lot of colleges, and he chose Illinois.”

On Jerry being a positive spirit in high school:

“I can remember a course of time in which we [were on a losing streak], and Jerry [said], ‘We can change this. We can do this.’ … That was him. He wanted the best. And there was never a time where I could recall where he was down in the dumps. He always had that smile. He was a coach’s player, and you could get some excitement, some vibe from him that could uplift you as a coach.”

On the trajectory he thinks Brown’s career was on:

“I think he was right on the brink of making it in there. He had got activated. I think they activated him when they played the Jets. … And I think during that time he kind of tweaked his knee a little bit. So he was disappointed in that, but he got himself back up and started fighting again to try to get back in that position. So I think if he would have continued, he would have made his way eventually into the lineup, I’m sure. I’m sure, because he’s the type of guy that just works hard. He’s a hard worker; he went through a lot. He went through the arena league and he did those things to just keep himself in position to get this opportunity. So I know he would have taken advantage of it and eventually he would have made it in there.”

Listen to Jerry Brown on KXFN here

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