Trent Richardson Thinks Nick Saban Would Be an “Excellent” NFL Coach but Doubts He’d Return

December 12, 2012 – 7:50 am by Brad Gagnon

Trent Richardson is focused on life with the suddenly red-hot Cleveland Browns right now in the NFL, but he still reveres his coach at Alabama, Nick Saban. Richardson thinks Saban is a “living legend” and can succeed at any level, but he doubts he’ll have to face Saban in the pros anytime soon.

Trent Richardson joined Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland to discuss the team’s recent run of success and his health situation. Richardson also talked about his college coach, Nick Saban, and gave his thoughts on how Saban would fare in the NFL.

On the team’s mentality and why they’ve been successful:

“We’re learning — and we’re still learning to this day — just how to put a full game together. That’s one thing that we told ourselves that we were going to do when we came back from our bye week, and that’s one thing we’ve been pounding hard and engraved in us the whole time.”

On if he’s healthy right now:

“I’m not fully recovered yet from my ribs. I’m 100 percent from my knee, but as soon as I got 100 percent from my knee…I go out and injured my ribs real bad. And I haven’t been 100 percent just yet. I’m probably not going to be 100 percent until next year. And when I am 100 percent, trust me, you’ll be able to tell a big difference, because there’s a lot more things I can do.”

On how he thinks Nick Saban would fare if he returned to the NFL:

“I think he’d be an excellent coach at any level. … He’s determined to be the best at what he does, no matter what program you’ve got going on or what type of league you’re in. That’s Coach Saban — he’s very determined. And he has a purpose for everything he does. He wanted to be the best coach in college football and can’t nobody tell me that, to this day, Coach Saban’s not one of the best coaches in college football right now. He’s up there with Coach Bryant when you talk about the great legend coaches right now. He’s a living legend right now, as we speak. Can he be a great NFL coach? I think he can, because it’s just him. Whatever he’s gotta do to switch around a program, that’s what he’ll do. Do I think he’ll come to the NFL? I don’t know. That’s going to be pretty hard. College is so intense, and you’re just playing football. When he gets to NFL it’s more of the business side. … Would he go back to the NFL? I doubt it. But if he does, that’s going to be a good look for his résumé.”

On his belief that Saban won’t make such a move:

“I can’t really see that. I’d be very surprised. People say money changes your thoughts, but it’s something else when you just love the game.”

Listen to Trent Richardson on 92.3 The Fan here

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