David Lee on Warriors Playing Lights-Out Basketball: “I Just Don’t Want it to Stop at this Point”

December 17, 2012 – 9:10 am by Steven Cuce

David Lee is all smiles right now, because the Golden State Warriors are playing lights-out basketball. Going into the weekend, the Warriors were sporting a five-game road winning streak. The Warriors lost Friday, but won six of games on the road between Dec. 5 and Dec. 15. Most impressively, the young team took down the Miami Heat on the road last Wednesday in the closing seconds, and it feels real optimistic about the season.

Lee isn’t used to being on a winner during his career. The power forward is averaging around 19 points and 11 rebounds per game. He believes his team has been building chemistry on the road all season.

David Lee joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco with Bucher & Towny to discuss the Golden State Warriors’ road winning streak, the loss to the Orlando Magic on Dec. 3rd changing the Warriors season, the Warriors’ young team building chemistry on the road and being on a winning team for the first time in awhile.

How much fun are you guys having amid the success on the road?

“We’re having a great time and that’s part of the reason of why we are winning games here.”

What are you seeing from the young guys on the road trips as the team builds chemistry?

“Our chemistry has been one of our strengths the whole season. Going on the road today, it feels like we all have been gone for about two months right now. It’s a long trip, but it helps when everyone gets along and everybody is on the same page. There’s no hidden agendas on this team. There’s no guys that are worried about themselves. Last night, Stephen Curry didn’t have his best game, Carl Landry didn’t have his best game, and those guys are just as excited about the win as everyone else. It’s been one of our strengths all season long and it’s done great things for us on this trip.”

How has the recent success been for you? You are on a winning team. How does it feel?

“Well that’s the most important thing. … I had a lot in New York. … I didn’t get a whole lot of playing time in the first couple of years in my career, then all of a sudden I was putting up some pretty good numbers and you have the articles saying, ‘Despite the team not doing well, it’s so great to have David playing well.’ That’s fun for about a week, and then you are right back to saying, ‘This is no fun.’ It’s no fun to lose at any level, and now to be on a team where I am playing well [is great], but most importantly it is translating into wins and we are on a team that is making a statement right now when no one expected us to this year. It’s been by far the most fun year of my career and I just don’t want it to stop at this point. Neither does anyone on this team.”

Listen to David Lee on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco here

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