Christian Ponder Says the Vikings Offense, Not the Packers Defense, Was What Changed in Week 17

January 2, 2013 – 7:45 am by Brad Gagnon

Christian Ponder is taking care of business and avoiding mistakes, but he’s also making big throws for the Minnesota Vikings as they enter the playoffs. He’s 16 of 23 on third down the last two weeks, so this Minnesota team clearly goes beyond Adrian Peterson.

Christian Ponder joined Paul Allen on KFAN in Minneapolis to discuss the victory over the Packers in Week 17 to make the playoffs, his season so far and the Packers in general.

On if he agrees that his 25-yard third-down completion to Michael Jenkins was one of the most significant passes he’s ever thrown:

“I agree, I agree. Obviously the momentum was with Green Bay. I don’t know what would have happened if they got the ball back, if we didn’t convert. We kept the ball in our hands. … Earlier in the week we saw something on in third-and-long situations that we thought that would be a great route to use. And we’re lucky that we didn’t call it early on. We waited for the right moment to call it and it worked out just like we thought it would. Kept the drive going.”

On if he’s happy with the season he’s had:

“Well, the season’s not over, Paul. We still got some games coming up obviously. I’m proud of the fact of where we are right now. Obviously there’s things that I could have done better during the season. There were a couple plays that I wish I could take back, and some other games. But with the progression we’ve made the past four games I’m proud of that fact. But season’s not over. We still got some things that we gotta accomplish.”

On what was different about the Packers defensively in their second meeting:

“I don’t think really anything was different. I think it was the offense that was different. Obviously myself, without the key turnovers that happened the previous game, no turnovers this one and just made some key plays in the passing game that kept us on the field and kept putting points on the board.”

Listen to Christian Ponder on KFAN here (starts at 38:08)

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