Martin St. Louis Apologizes to the Fans as the NHL Returns

January 8, 2013 – 7:00 am by Brad Gagnon

The NHL lockout is over, which means the league won’t lose its second full season in less than a decade. But will it lose fans anyway? Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning hopes not, which is why he’s apologizing to those who love and miss the game.

Martin St. Louis joined 98.7 The Fan in Tampa to discuss the end of the lockout, the advantage the players have because they’re healthy later in the year this time and his apology to the NHL fans.

On being deeply involved in the labor negotiation process at the end:

“It was an experience to be part of that — the ups and downs, a roller-coast ride. Couple meetings you think you’re going into a Game 7. I’m glad it’s over.”

On players being fresher and healthier than usual this year when the playoffs come around:

“It might be sloppy at first a little bit, but I really feel like it’s the potential for some great hockey. Guys are healthy and fresher, I guess, and I think they’ll have a lot of juice left in the tank when it comes to playoffs.”

His apology to the fans:

“For all our fans out there, obviously we’re sorry that you had to go through this with us. We’re excited to get back on the ice. … But we really are grateful for their patience. Wish it didn’t have to come down to that, but we’re excited to get back out on the ice.”

Listen to Martin St. Louis on 98.7 The Fan here

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  1. One Response to “Martin St. Louis Apologizes to the Fans as the NHL Returns”

  2. At least one player gets it… The fans pay the fare..and the fans paid the price for the lockout! The owners are rich. The players are rich. The fans work hard for their money and support the ever increasing cost of the NHL.

    The owners went to their yachts, the players played in Europe, the fans? They sat home and watched the Ahl Etc. At least those guys are still hungry and remember who supports them! I have been a flyers fan forever but Ed Snyder forgot how hungry he was and how much Phildelphians put up with. This is not the first time the fans got locked out….maybe the owners should be honorary congressmen ….they can’t get anything done either!

    By Ray on Jan 12, 2013

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