John Kuhn on Aaron Rodgers: “He has everything you want in a quarterback.”

January 9, 2013 – 9:50 am by Chris Fedor

Everyone around the NFL knows how good and explosive the Green Bay Packers offense is. Led by Aaron Rodgers, the Pack was fifth in the NFL in scoring with just over 27 points per game. Defenses always have to worry about Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Greg Jennings, but last weekend in their first playoff game this year, Green Bay introduced a new weapon that defenses may have to account for moving forward and his name is John Kuhn. Kuhn has turned himself into the jack-of-all-trades for Green Bay and he is also a huge fan favorite. The chants were out at Lambeau as he found his way into the end zone twice this past weekend and now it is just another weapon that Aaron Rodgers has at his disposal and the 49ers may have to pay attention to this weekend.

John Kuhn joined Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money to talk about how much nervousness there was before last weekend’s game against Minnesota given what happened in the playoffs a year ago, on the challenge of playing the 49ers defense, how much the improved running game has helped recently, what it means to him when he hears the “Kuhn” chants when he touches the ball and what he makes of Clay Matthews saying Aaron Rodgers is tough to criticize because of his competitiveness.

On how much nervousness there was for the Packers going into last weekend’s playoff game

“I would be apprehensive to say nervousness. I would say anxious more than anything. When we lost that last regular season game at Minnesota we just could not wait to get back on the field and play again. We got a second chance there to get after the Vikings and our game plan kind of showed through in that game. Right now we are excited about they way we are playing and we want to continue to be playing well. We have played well down the stretch and we look forward to taking that and getting better each week in the playoffs.”

On the challenge of playing a defense like the 49ers this weekend:

“We understand that where we struggle is against front sevens that can pressure Aaron (Rodgers) and cover in the secondary. We understand our greatest strength this game will be overcoming our weaknesses and being able to get the ball out of our hands and get it to the playmakers and for them to be explosive after the catch. It just can’t be a three or four yard gain. At that point in time you need to turn the short pass into the run game, break a tackle or two and turn it into a 12 yard gain.”

How much the improved running game has helped recently:

“I think so and I think the balance that we have had the last month and a half has really been keeping defenses on their toes and not letting them really get the gist of what we’re trying to do out there. You mix in a couple of screens and draw plays and just something to get the ball underneath to the running back and get him out in space against linebackers has really taken our offense to the next level.”

What it means to him to hear the “Kuhn” chants when he touches the ball:

“It pumps me up more than anything. I absolutely love when the fans do it, it gives me a nice little juice of energy. When they’re not doing it then it means I’m doing something wrong. They put a little pressure on me to get the job done but I’m glad I can get it done for them.”

On Clay Matthews saying Aaron Rodgers is hard to criticize because of his competitiveness:

“I can relate with what Clay is saying but Aaron is about as much of a perfectionist as you can be. He loves to break the game down mentally and then go out there. He has the physical skills that any quarterback would love to have but the fact that he can break things down mentally and really be as competitive as he is all at the same time, it’s like a trifecta. He has everything you want in a quarterback.”

Listen to John Kuhn on Fox Sports Radio here

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