Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox Discusses His Decision to Take Knee Late in Regulation Against Ravens

January 15, 2013 – 9:45 am by Brad Gagnon

The Denver Broncos were rolling over everybody during the second half of the NFL season. Now, just like that, they’re gone. Denver was eliminated in controversial and shocking fashion Saturday, and now head coach John Fox is left with an offseason to wonder what went wrong late in a dramatic divisional playoff loss to Baltimore.

John Fox joined The Dave Logan Show on KOA in Denver to discuss Sunday’s heart-breaking loss to the Ravens, touching specifically on a questionable decision he made late to take a knee, the game-tying Hail Mary-style touchdown pass for Baltimore and a controversy surrounding the Ravens’ kicker, who was on the field practicing illegally between quarters.

On having Peyton Manning take a knee with two timeouts and 31 seconds left in a tie game:

“I think, really, having been down on the sideline with these guys for the whole season, kind of knowing their whole temperament, where their minds are — because this still is a mental game — I think when that occurred — a 70-yard bomb with 40 seconds to go — it just deflated [us]. … If you were in the stadium, I think you felt it, but it was even multiplied by 10 on the sideline. I think I’d kind of give the correlation of a heavyweight fight and you just took a right cross to the chin. … You’re trying to get to the next round. And that was kind of our mind set. And I think that’s very typical of any competition and any athlete. And I commend our guys because they regrouped and we had plenty of opportunities, playing into a second overtime period, to regroup and fight to win the game. So I don’t think the look in their eyes was gonna be, ‘Hey, 31 seconds, let’s go down and win the game.’ And unlike maybe some other games where you’re down one or something, there is another round. It’s not like it’s Round 12 and you have no more time left.”

On the deep game-tying touchdown pass with less than a minute to play:

“It was devastating. It was kind of a floater. It was up there for a while. We didn’t execute the coverage perfectly, but at the end of the day we didn’t execute or coach it well enough, and it was a devastating blow to tie the game in regulation.”

On Ravens kicker Justin Tucker practicing field goals between quarters:

“It’s not legal. It’s not a penalty, but it’s not allowed. Our special-teams coach Jeff Rodgers picked up on it very early. We got the officiating crew alerted to it, but they didn’t get there in time to shush him off until after he had gotten the one attempt.”

Listen to John Fox on KOA here

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