Tom Telesco Wastes No Time in Hiring Mike McCoy as Chargers’ Head Coach

January 16, 2013 – 9:30 am by Eric Schmoldt

On Saturday, the Denver Broncos’ season came to a screeching halt thanks to a long pass and a playoff-ending field goal at home against the Baltimore Ravens. Three days later, the Broncos’ offensive coordinator was hired as the San Diego Chargers’ new head coach. New general manager Tom Telesco sure didn’t waste any time, and he says it’s because it didn’t take long to realize he had found his man.

Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego in separate interviews with Darren Smith and Scott and BR to discuss Mike McCoy quickly being hired as the San Diego Chargers’ new head coach, McCoy’s reason for having interest in the job, what he’s seen in preparing for the Chargers while with the Broncos, how Telesco knew so quickly that McCoy was right for the job and how the process went down.


On his interest in becoming the Chargers’ head coach:

“Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity to work for a great organization, great ownership, and we’re looking forward to building this program up.”

You were guiding the Broncos in the playoffs, but did you know you’d have an opportunity at a head-coaching job once the run was over?:

“I had known last weekend, before the game obviously, that I was going to do a couple of interviews. Teams had contacted the organization during the week of practice when we had the bye week, but I didn’t really worry about that. I had a commitment to the Denver Broncos organization … to make sure we were preparing to win a Super Bowl, and that’s what we were trying to do.”

As the Denver Broncos’ offensive coordinator, what did you see or notice when you prepared and played against San Diego this year?:

“I think the foundation’s in place here. We have some tough decisions to make going forward here, but I think there’s a good foundation and good core of young players and there’s some experienced veterans here that are going to help this football team win. Tom Telesco and myself will sit down over time and build a good organization here for the long haul.”

What’s the toughest decision?:

“Well, Tom and I will sit down and lay those out. There’s going to be a lot of those, though. I can’t tell you exactly one right now. The first priority is to put a great staff together.”


Mike McCoy had quite the introductory press conference, didn’t he?:

“Well, that’s about how the interview went. It didn’t take real long to tell he was our guy. … I don’t know how many hours we met for, but there was a certain point we took a break for a little bit and I just turned to John Spanos and said, ‘Wow.’ … You always say, some people come in prepared for the interview and some people come in prepared for the job. Well, he came in prepared for the job.”

Tell us about the books and binders he came to the interview prepared with:

“He wheeled in a wheel bag. It almost looked like a cooler he was going to the beach with. It was full of binders, and that’s what it is in the business. You kind of accumulate things as you move through. … He had basically his whole coaching life in that roller bag. … It just showed how prepared he was. We went through everything — the practice week, the offseason, training camp, travel. Every question I asked, his answer back was well thought out, and he always had a question back for us.”

Did you have any preconceived ideas of what you were looking for?:

“No, we wanted the best fit we could find. The big thing was the fit. It didn’t matter if it was going to be offense, defense or special teams. It didn’t matter if it would’ve been a coach that coached for eight or 10 years. Age didn’t matter. It was the best fit for us, and Mike is that fit.”

How did you recruit him to make sure he would interview with you before anyone else?:

“The weather helps, obviously, but what I tried to explain to him is all the stuff I saw in the interview when I came. … I told him, ‘Hey, this is why I took the job here — it’s wonderful ownership, family-run, they are going to give you all the resources you need. ‘ … I just wanted to get him to see what this job has to offer and then get him here and get it done.”

Listen to Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco on XX Sports Radio in San Diego here and here

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