Philip Rivers on the San Diego Chargers Hiring Mike McCoy: “This Was the Guy I Was Hoping For”

January 16, 2013 – 6:15 am by Brad Gagnon

After another disappointing season in the AFC West, the San Diego Chargers have taken a step toward trying to get back on the right track by hiring one of the greatest offensive minds in the division away from the rival Denver Broncos. Quarterback guru Mike McCoy steps in to coach the Bolts, which makes quarterback Philip Rivers a happy man.

Philip Rivers joined Darren Smith on XX 1090 in San Diego to discuss the hiring of new head coach Mike McCoy, what he knew about McCoy and his belief that he’s the right guy for the job. He also said he’d like to talk to Peyton Manning about his former coordinator from Denver and touched on the idea that the Chargers have to “fix” things this offseason.

On the hiring of Mike McCoy:

“I’m fired up. … You go from disappointment, not only in the season we had, but disappointment of losing your coach, and then you slowly start to gear up and get excited again. Now you get a new GM and a new coach in a matter of [days]. It’s exciting. I’m looking forward to meeting him and getting things going.”

On knowing McCoy by way of his reputation:

“Being a fan of just the game in general, I certainly knew a lot of his background. … It’s exciting. I know it’ll be different in a lot of ways, and it’ll be good.”

On his belief that McCoy was the right man for the job:

“It’s always easy to say after the fact, I know that, but of the potential candidates that were made public or that we all knew of, I can honestly say this was the guy I was hoping for.”

On why he feels that way:

“I just feel great about it from a standpoint of where we are as a team and what we need. From a standpoint of energy, from a standpoint of newness, from a standpoint of — I don’t know — you got a guy that’s been in the division, that’s been on the inside in Denver. Obviously we know Denver, along with the other two divisional opponents, is who we have to beat to get to the postseason. And we were [winless] there this season.”

On if he has spoken to or plans to speak to Jacob Hester and/or Peyton Manning about McCoy’s offense and coaching stlyle:

“I’ve already talked to Jake. And yeah, I would love to talk to Peyton. … I’m not looking for info so much as you just get a feel, and the best way to get a feel is one-on-one. And I love people, and I am excited about the relationship that’s gonna come.”

On the notion that he and the team have to fix something:

“I like ‘back on track’ a lot better than ‘fix.’ Fix is [for] something that’s dilapidated. I don’t know that that’s the case. But I gotta play better and I will. The ‘fix’ word I get a little aggravated at, but certainly get back on track and play better and all those things certainly apply. I need to be better and I’m going to. … Fix is a strong word. … I don’t read much [about myself] but certainly I’ve heard it.”

On having some direction now:

“We have some direction now. … As a quarterback, I accept a lot of responsibility and I should, and I’ve been responsible for a lot of the shortcomings of us getting to the postseason.”

Listen to Philip Rivers on XX 1090 here

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