Marc Trestman’s Most Recent Quarterback Pupil Believes Attention to Detail Will Transfer to NFL

January 17, 2013 – 7:30 am by Steven Cuce

The Chicago Bears have found their new head coach. That man is Marc Trestman. The hire of the former Montreal Alouettes (of the Canadian Football League) head coach is outside of the box, but he’s a long-time NFL assistant coach, working with quarterbacks such as Bernie Kosar, Rich Gannon and Steve Young.

Anthony Calvillo was Trestman’s starting quarterback with the Alouettes over the past five years. Calvillo speaks highly of Trestman’s work with quarterbacks, which bodes well for Jay Cutler.

(Anthony Calvillo on the left and Marc Trestman on the right)

Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo joined ESPN Chicago with Waddle & Silvy to discuss being excited that his former head coach, Marc Trestman, will now be the head coach of the Chicago Bears, becoming a better quarterback under Trestman, Trestman’s attention to detail and his expectations for the Bears this season.

Are you proud of your former head coach that he has moved on to the NFL with the Chicago Bears? Are you sad because you will miss working with him?

“It’s definitely both, but I am more excited. He has worked so hard throughout his entire career now. I’ve only had him for the past five years, but what he brought to this organization and what he did for my career was something special. So I am excited to see him take advantage of this opportunity.”

How did you become a better quarterback under Marc Trestman?

“When Marc got here I was already 35 years old and been around for 15 years playing, so I’ve learned no matter who the coach is, I am going to trust in the organization because they are going to bring in the right guy. I am going to be open-minded to what he brings to the table. I think that’s the only way I was able to have success is to be open-minded even though I have been around for so long and his attention to detail; that’s the one thing that stood out from the beginning. He called us up, me and a few veterans when he first got hired. He wanted more input on the offense, and he had his ideas and he wanted our ideas. He wanted to make sure that every single player on that offense knew what they had to do. There was going to be no question marks when you watch the film the next day on what I had or what my responsibility was. From the beginning, it was detailed out.”

What was Marc Trestman like as a leader of men?

“The one thing that stood out to me was his attention to detail. When he first got here he called the veteran players cause he wanted input from them. For me right there, he was willing to be open. He wasn’t going to just come into this organization and say, ‘Listen, this is my offense and this is how we are going to run it.’ He wanted feedback from the veteran players, so for me that was always a positive sign and then it was a matter of believing what he was going to bring to this team –his leadership. When you first sat down at that team meeting, he talked about setting goals. He’s always about setting goals and painting the picture for the entire team and reminding you throughout the entire season what this season was going to be about. Guys, again, you don’t buy in overnight, you don’t trust overnight. It took a few weeks halfway through the season to finally believe that, you know what, this guy, what he’s telling us and what he’s preaching is going to help us win. That’s what he is going to do there is follow the exact same thing.”

Do you expect the Bears to become a championship-caliber team under Marc Trestman?

“All I know is that Marc Trestman is going to give that offense and that team the best chance to win. There’s a lot of great players there. They’ve had a lot of great success there as you know, but all I know is they are going to be very detailed. They are going to be stepping on that field prepared and there’s not going to be any questions about, what was my read? The quarterback, the offensive coordinator, the quarterbacks coach, every single person is going to know the read and what the drop was and when you are detailed like that, to me you are going to limit your mistakes.”

Listen to Anthony Calvillo on 1000 ESPN Chicago here

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