Jon “Bones” Jones Says There Will Be No Rematch Against Chael Sonnen After Jones Wins Their April Fight

January 24, 2013 – 9:30 am by Chris Fedor

Jon “Bones” Jones hasn’t lost a fight in the UFC since December of 2009 when he was disqualified for using downward elbows. Since that time, Jones has ripped through every one that has stood in front of him. His combination of speed, power, athleticism, technique and ability to submit is really unmatched in the sport and has helped Jones get to the top of not only the light heavyweight division but the top of the UFC. Despite how dominant Jones has been, there is one fighter who has always craved an opportunity to fight Jones. It’s Chael Sonnen. Sonnen has a huge mouth, he talks a lot of trash but he always steps up to a challenge, isn’t scared of any fighter and certainly has some ability. That attitude has paid off and he will fight Jones for his light heavyweight title on April 27th.

Chael Sonnen and Jon “Bones” Jones joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to talk about whether Chael Sonnen deserves a shot at the title, if Sonnen will do better than he did against Anderson Silva, if there is any aspect of Jones’ game that Sonnen fears, whether this is Chael Sonnen’s last fight if he loses and if there is a rematch in the future.

Whether Chael Sonnen deserves a shot at the title:

JJ: “I’m going to change my response and for the first time I’m going to say yes. I think Chael does deserve a shot at my title because he asked for it and he begged for it. He made it happen and I’ve definitely beaten pretty much everybody in my weight class and Chael said ‘let me give this guy a run’ so I’m going to say yes, Chael you deserve it.”
CS: “I never want to vouge for myself, it’s an incredible weight class and there are a lot of guys that I thought were deserving but they didn’t agree. Nobody wanted to fight Jon Jones. They were all offered the fight so here we are. It was a bit of a dream fight because we were from two different weight classes and it was a match that nobody thought would happen, including myself but Dana made it work.”
Whether Sonnen will do better than he did against Anderson Silva:

CS: “Well I whipped Anderson’s ass for 30 minutes. (Host: No you didn’t!) He whipped mine for less than 30 seconds so no I don’t think so. I don’t imagine it going much easier than it did against Anderson.”

Chael, do you fear any aspect of Jon Jones game?

CS: “I appreciate it all. I think he’s an excellent fighter and before I ever had this fight I stated that and it’s not going to change. He’s got techniques and moves, I don’t even know what they’re called but I love competition and I love fighting for World Championships.”

If you lose are you done fighting Chael?

CS: “Absolutely not. (Host: Who would you possibly fight?) What would come next? I don’t know.”

If there are any rematches built into the contract:

JJ: “There’s no rematches built into the contract. There won’t be any rematches needed Chael.”
Do you think you’re going to win Chael:

CS: “Absolutely. (Host: In what manner? Do you think you will submit him, knock him out or just outlast him and win on the judge’s cards?) Well I’m definitely known for my devastating hands, power bombs so I will probably knock him out.”

JJ: “That’s not nice. I actually believe him. He dropped Anderson Silva quite a few times, especially in that first fight with his hands so I respect his punching power. I believe I’m going to win the fight. I’m a very well rounded fighter, good kickboxer, pretty good at jiu jitsu and pretty good at wrestling. (Host: Can you win on the ground?) Yes I can win on the ground. I have the most submissions in the history of the light heavyweight division.”

If Jones senses that he is not very well liked:

JJ: “I’m loved by many and I’m disliked by many. I recognize that’s what comes with the territory. A lot of great athletes in their sport, people find reasons to hate on you when they can’t find flaws in your game so I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

Listen to Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones on WFAN in NY here

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