Drew Brees Believes The Saints Can Create A Legacy Of Winning Multiple Super Bowls And Is Excited To Have Sean Payton Back

January 25, 2013 – 7:00 am by Steven Cuce

This past Tuesday the NFL reinstated Sean Payton to his full time duties as head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Payton has served his time after admitting his role in the team’s pay-for-performance program.

Drew Brees believes the Saints have the ability to turn things around quickly next season. The Pro Bowl quarterback is excited to have his head coach back at the helm.

Drew Brees joined WWL in New Orleans with Bobby Hebert to discuss Sean Payton being reinstated to the NFL and the New Orleans Saints now looking to create a legacy under Sean Payton.

What did you make of Sean Payton’s reinstatement speech of moving past 2012?

“Yeah, there’s no doubt. Obviously we are excited to get Coach Payton back a little bit earlier than expected. I know he is ready to get back to work just like we are ready to get back to work. I think there’s a lot we can draw from last year and obviously expectations are going to be where they always are, which is very, very high. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to be able to achieve those and we have the type of people to do that.”

What does Drew Brees think of when he hears the words “Super Bowl,” after winning it in 2009?

“Oh man, it is a defining moment for your career and hopefully we get to experience that again with not just the game itself or even the moment after the game where you are holding the Vince Lombardi trophy, but it’s the time with your teammates kind of building up to that. It’s the Super Bowl parade and the way the city comes out. It’s just a moment there we all share together. It was the four years previous to that culminating into that Super Bowl victory and now it’s this new era and we won the first one, but there’s teams that win one and there’s teams that create a legacy of winning more than one. I believe we can be one of those teams. We’ve got a coach who’s been here since 2006 and it’s helped build the foundation and environment that is conducive to winning. Ownership has been the same and Mickey Loomis, the general manager has been the same with consistency and great leadership from the top down. I think we got many of the same core group of players that we’ll continue to add pieces to the puzzle. Listen this is our chance to create a legacy and go do it again and there’s not many teams that could have that opportunity to be able to do that, but we do.”

Listen to Drew Brees on WWL in New Orleans here

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  2. – My wife and I have followed the Saints only since Katrina, but I don’t think eihter of us slept last night We attended the Redskins vs Saints game at Fedex this year. I think we yelled more at the TV last night than we did at the live game in December.January 25, 2010 8:50 pm

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