Rob Gronkowski Insists He Didn’t Come Back Too Soon From His Initial Arm Injury

February 1, 2013 – 5:45 am by Eric Schmoldt

Rob Gronkowski’s season was cut short when he broke his arm the first time, then ended for good when he broke it again in a playoff game against the Houston Texans. Still, the New England Patriots’ tight end says he was cleared by doctors, so he didn’t come back too soon. Rather, he was just the victim of a freak accident.

Gronk’s also got some interesting things to say when it comes to the evolving tight end position.

Rob Gronkowski joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss how his arm is feeling, the scenario in which it broke the second time, why he doesn’t think he came back from his first arm injury too soon, why it’s not a long-term concern, the evolution of the tight end position in the NFL and the most athletic Gronkowski brother.

How do you think you’d do if you were a power forward in the NBA?:

“I always thought about that, too. I would just go in and be the foul guy. I’d bang around, throw some elbows around, push some guys around and get in there. My skills, I play as a center. I have the skills of a center, but I’m 6-6, so that wouldn’t last.”

How’s your arm injury? Did you know you rebroke it when you fell?:

“Not at first. Sometimes you get like a thigh bruise real quick and it hurts for two minutes and goes away. … That’s what I was hoping, at first, it was — just a quick pain, hit my elbow joint or something. But it just stayed there, the pain, and then I knew something was up. I just went in and saw it was rebroken.”

Is this a long-term concern moving forward?:

“No, not at all. We’re in the offseason now, have plenty of weeks to get healthy. I’m just got to get 100 percent now. There’s no point of rushing, just take your time, do the rehab, do everything I need to do so I’m 100 percent when it comes down to camp.”

Did you come back too soon?:

“No, I wouldn’t say that. The doctors cleared me. Just a freak accident, that’s all really. You can’t really do anything about that. It happens; it’s football. … It is what it is. It happened. It’s a freak accident. All I can do now is get 100 percent.”

What do you see as the evolution of the tight end position?:

“I love this change and everything. You see so many great tight ends out there now. You never really heard of that position, the tight ends. I believe my class, my NFL class, the 2010 class, we have so many great players — Jimmy Graham, Jermaine Greshman, Aaron Hernandez and myself in that group. … Everyone’s evolving; everyone’s changing the game. It’s just not a tight end lining up in the line now. It’s a tight end lining up in the backfield, a tight end lining up out wide as a wide receiver. Aaron Hernandez, as an example, last year in the playoff game against the Denver Broncos, lined up at running back. Have you ever seen a tight end line up at running back? No, that just shows how versatile tight ends are becoming.”

Who’s the best athlete in your family?:

“Me. … If they want to challenge, one-on-one, in anything, I will. I’ll beat them in ping-pong, pool, volleyball, swimming. You name it, I’ll go one-on-one versus any of my brothers.” What if you all go into the octagon?: “That’s actually a good question. I’d say my brother Chris. He’s a fullback for the Broncos and you’ve got to be a little crazy to be a fullback.”

Listen to Rob Gronkowski on The Dan Patrick Show here

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