Joe Flacco: Super Bowl Win Has Not Sunk in Yet, Power Outage Didn’t Affect Ravens’ Offense

February 5, 2013 – 7:30 am by Steven Cuce

It’s been a season for the ages for Joe Flacco. The Super Bowl XLVII MVP was at Walt Disney World yesterday celebrating the Ravens’ big win before appearing on David Letterman’s show Monday night. Flacco can’t wait to be back in Baltimore for the victory parade.

No other NFL free agent has done more in one year to solidify his bargaining position than the Ravens quarterback, who has put to rest the questions of being an ‘elite’ quarterback. Now it’s time for Flacco to be paid like one.

Joe Flacco joined ESPN Radio with Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo to discuss the Super Bowl victory sinking in, being proud of this Ravens team coming together at the right time, the Ravens having the confidence to win a Super Bowl after a tough finish to the regular season, caring about his perception in the media and the power outage impacting the Ravens’ offense.

Has the Super Bowl victory sunk in?

“No it hasn’t. I still feel like I am in one of those good dreams. I just don’t want to wake up. I feel like when I wake up it is all going to go away. No, it has not sunk in yet.”

What are you most proud of after winning the Super Bowl?

“Just the accomplishments we had together as a team. We came together in all the right places at the right time and those numbers are not a reflection of only how I played, but they reflect on how our offensive line played and our receivers and our running backs, so I think we just started playing consistent football and we hit our stride at the right time.”

What changed for this football team after the regular season was over to go on this playoff run?

“Well, we were a 9-2 football team and we lost two close games and then we got beat by Denver pretty good, so I think people blew that out of proportion and what I am saying by that is I think everybody else was looking at it like we were 0-14, but we still had the confidence that we were a good football team because we knew that we were. It was a matter of going out there and continuing to improve like we felt like we were doing, even though we had those losses and, like I said, we get some guys healthy and you get hot at the right time and that’s what we were able to do.”

Have you ever cared about how you are perceived by the media and the public?

“You know what, if you pay so much attention to it, everybody cares about it. You would be lying, but the bottom line is that’s not why you play the game. That’s not who you play the game for. You have to entertain everybody, but the bottom line is you’re playing and you’re trying to stand up best for the guy beside you and that’s what makes this team the way it is.”

How did the power outage affect your offense?

“I don’t know if it affected it. We had a couple of mental errors. We turned the ball over and I really don’t think it had anything to do with it. They got the momentum going their way a little bit and I don’t think they needed the power outage to get it. I think that they are a good football team and they were going to start bringing it at some point and make their run and that’s what happens. They made their run and we were able to fight it off just enough to get the victory.”

Listen to Joe Flacco on ESPN Radio here

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