Jerian Grant Says the Win Over Louisville Shows that Notre Dame is a Top Team

February 12, 2013 – 9:06 am by Chris Fedor

This year there is no dominant team in college basketball. Numerous teams have occupied the nation’s top spot and have all had their moments but none have been able to separate themselves from the rest. That’s made for an extremely exciting regular season. There have been buzzer-beaters, upsets, numerous occurrences of storming the court and half-court shots to send games into overtime, but it will be unlikely that anything tops what happened over the weekend between Louisville and Notre Dame.

With the Irish trailing by eight points and just 44 seconds to go, it looked like the game was over. Jerian Grant had other ideas. The Irish guard threw his team on his back and scored 12 points in the final 44 seconds to send the game into overtime. The teams continued to go back and forth and it wasn’t until the fifth overtime when Notre Dame sealed the deal and capped off the comeback of the season in college hoops.

Jerian Grant joined 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis with Dan Dakich to talk about the five-overtime game against Louisville, his play late in the game to send it into overtime, how much fun it was to play in a game like that, how tired he was afterward, whether this win will help Notre Dame moving forward and what his thoughts are on fans continuing to rush the court for every big win.

On his play late in the game to send it into OT:

“Just the way the game was going, I just got into a zone. … I think the first shot is really the one that you really need to get to go in and once the first one goes in then it’s just in the zone.”

On how much fun the game was:

“It was really fun throughout the first few parts of the game. Coach Brey just kept telling us to go out there and have some fun. It’s tough to have fun when we were down at the end of the game, but once the shots started falling at the end everybody got excited.”

On Louisville’s Russ Smith at the end of the game:

“He kind of helped us out there a little at the end. He’s a great player and I knew eventually his shots were going to fall.”

How tired he was after the game:

“Oh yeah, for a little bit after the game (adrenaline) was rolling but guys were really tired. My roommate Eric (Atkins), he played 60 minutes so he definitely just wanted to lay out on the ground.”

How this game will help moving forward:

“Just confidence-wise. Louisville was ranked No. 1 just two or three weeks ago so just to know we can beat these top teams when we’re playing well and just to know we’re a top team in ourselves. Once we get rolling it’s really hard to beat us.”

Whether Garrick Sherman’s performance in overtime surprised him:

No. He does it in practice all the time. He had just been struggling coming into the game, but we know he has moves and he’s definitely probably one of our best post players in terms of making moves. When he got in, he was one of our scorers so we just fed him the ball; he made moves and got it done for us.”

How he feels about fans rushing the court:

“If it’s not No. 1 or maybe No. 2, I really am not about rushing the court. We’ve beaten Louisville a bunch of times before so I wasn’t really all that excited about it, but since it was a five-overtime game and the students had to be there for three and a half hours, I wasn’t too upset about it.”

Listen to Jerian Grant on 1070 the Fan in Indy here

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