Manny Machado, Orioles Hope to Pick Up Right Where They Left Off

February 26, 2013 – 5:45 am by Eric Schmoldt

Baltimore third baseman Manny Machado stormed onto the scene last year by belting home runs left and right immediately after being called up. The 20-year-old wound up hitting seven of them in 51 games, getting seasoning and playing for what turned out to be a surprising playoff team. Now he hopes to help lead the group to even bigger and better things.

Manny Machado joined 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore with Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn to discuss being engaged to Yonder Alonso’s sister, his goals for the 2013 season, breaking onto the scene with a bunch of home runs last year, this year’s spring training compared to last, the excitement in Baltimore and Chris Davis at first base.

On getting engaged to Yonder Alonso’s sister:

“He’s one of my best friends. I met him a couple years ago and ever since, he’s taken care of me and took me under his wing. Finally, he gave me permission to date his sister.”

Who do you think she’ll root for when you guys play each other this year?:

“That’s a tough one. We always joke around with her, with that same question, who’s she going to be rooting for? Obviously she’s going to be rooting for both of us to do well.”

After what you accomplished last season, what are your goals heading into this year?:

“I haven’t really set my goals yet. My main concern, main goal right now, is to try to make this team, and try to make this team better than it was last year … and get back to where we were last year.”

You broke onto the scene when you started blasting a bunch of home runs right away. Did you think it was easy at that point?:

“Oh, no. It’s definitely not easy. I wouldn’t say that. It was a challenge and it was a great experience I had up there with meeting a bunch of great guys, and being an Oriole was the best part about it.”

How is this year’s spring training different from last year?:

“It was tough. When they told me I was going to move over to third base, I kind of looked at them and was like, ‘Are you serious right now?’ But, no, I had fun with it. I learned the position pretty quick and it was an overall great experience I had over there at third. … It’s definitely much easier now, and just with the experience, that’s just going to continue to become a little easier for me to make that transition.”

What was it like to be part of a really good year in Baltimore and the excitement that surrounded it at the end?:

“It was awesome to finally feel the fans into the games again. Obviously I wasn’t there before, but the stories that the guys had been telling me, it wasn’t really too loud. Obviously they came out and supported us. … They came out and supported us throughout the whole process the last couple months and they were a big part of us winning.”

How’s Chris Davis looking over there at first base?:

“He’s looking great. I saw him a little bit last spring and see him now and it’s a total different guy out there at first base. I think we’re going to have a great, solid infield this year going into the season. … The whole team is looking good.”

You keep talking about needing to make the team. That seems like a given at this point, right?:

“You know, I’ve got to go out there and prove I can play third base and prove to them that I can be a part of this team.”

Listen to Manny Machado on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore here

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