John Elway: Rahim Moore had a “Traumatic Experience;” Champ Bailey Will Remain at Cornerback

March 1, 2013 – 5:35 am by Brad Gagnon

There are questions surrounding the Denver Broncos secondary. Champ Bailey’s getting up there in age and people have been talking about a potential move to safety, while former second-round pick Rahim Moore is probably still thinking about his colossal mistake in the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens. But the team’s executive vice president of football operations says things won’t be changing much back there in 2013.

John Elway joined Evans and Klatt on KKFN in Denver to discuss free agency, the team’s confidence in popular goat Rahim Moore and Champ Bailey’s status at corner. He also noted that they haven’t asked any veterans to restructure their contracts but wouldn’t rule such a thing out.

On if they’ll again approach free agency by handing out lots of one-year deals:

“I think we’ll wait and see how it all goes. I think we do our study process right now and go through that, try to get all our ducks in a row and then kind of wait and see what happens. Once free agency opens, we kind of see what happens and what we can get done.”

On the trouble Rahim Moore could have recovering after giving up a season-changing touchdown bomb in the playoffs against Baltimore:

“Obviously anytime anybody goes through that it’s going to be a traumatic experience. But as I’ve said … that one play obviously sticks out, but that’s not the only reason we lost that football game. Rahim made tremendous strides from his rookie year to last year and just misjudged that ball. It’s going to be something we can work on.”

On the possibility of moving Champ Bailey to safety:

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think that’s a rumor out there. I think the plan is right now to leave Champ at corner, and so we have not even discussed it. I know there’s been some talk about that out there, but in this building there’s not been any talk as far as moving Champ to safety.”

On if they’ve considered asking Peyton Manning or any other veterans to restructure their contracts:

“Not right now. I think we’re still going through the process. And if there’s a need, then I’m sure that those guys will be wide open, if there was a need for us to come to them. But no, at this point in time we’ve not approached anybody.”

Listen to John Elway on KKFN here (starts at 24:13)

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